Want to Improve Your Financial Health? Make Sure Your Fintamin C Intake is Sufficient!

14 September 2021

Tips to Improve Financial Health for All: Adequate Intake of Fintamin C Tips to Improve Financial Health for All: Adequate Intake of Fintamin C

How do you keep your body healthy? In addition to eating nutritious foods and exercising, you also need vitamins to maintain and increase your body’s immunity. Actually there is one other thing that you also need to pay attention to, namely financial condition.

If your financial condition is less than healthy, you can become stressed. The stress can affect the health of the body as well. Therefore, your healthy financial state is a must. One of the tips to maintain financial health is to ensure an adequate intake of Fintamin C.

Fintamin C is the third type of Jago’s Fintamin (also equally important are Fintamin A and Fintamin B, do check them out!).

To Improve Financial Health, Ensure Adequate Intake of Fintamin C: Check and Balance Expenses Religiously

So that your financial condition is not in poor health or even dying, you need to really pay attention to your expenses.

Being mindful with expenses is a type of conscious spending which if you continue to do, it will result in satisfying financial management.

Talking about expenses, you can group them into 2 categories: routine expenses and incidental expenses. Routine expenses include daily food, transportation and various types of monthly bills. Incidental expenses include seeing a big discount and then deciding to chase it, buying new things or treating yourself as a self reward.

Of course, in order to keep your finances healthy, you must prioritize routine expenses over incidental expenses. If all routine expenses, especially monthly bills, are paid on time each month, you and your money can breathe a sigh of relief. When you want to pamper yourself, you don’t need to worry because all debts have been paid.

After you diligently consume Fintamin C, you will be able to feel big changes in your life. You, who previously focused solely on money, can focus on living your life and making it meaningful. Healthy finances, healthy mind, healthy body.

Canny Spending with Jago

Just knowing about canny spending is not enough, Jagoans. You need to put it into practice.

With Jago, you can set aside money into 1 special Pocket for all monthly bills. The goal is to make sure that bill expenses are not mixed with other needs.

For other routine needs such as food and transportation, you can also create weekly Pockets. So you don’t get confused, you can name your Pockets Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4, for example. Make sure that for the entire first week you only use the money you have set aside for Week 1.

After the money is separated into Pockets, it becomes clear how much money can be used for other needs, such as saving for the future and pampering yourself (this is okay as long as you spend wisely and don’t keep getting carried away to do it all the time).

The MultiFintamin squad members, Philip Mulyana and Samuel Ray, emphasize the importance of realizing the difference between needs and wants. We can want anything, but if we want everything, we can’t.

Furthermore, Samuel suggests that regarding wants, we should not envy others. You don’t have to envy how other people always travel abroad or keep getting a new smartphone.

Just pick one or two things you like to gratify yourself. You are free to use money for this, while still limiting yourself and prioritizing expenses or routine needs.

Then, you can take advantage of the Plan Ahead feature to ensure that your monthly bills, such as electricity, telephone and internet, are paid automatically and on time by Jago. In addition to monthly bills, with Plan Ahead you can also schedule regular transfers to parents and pay tuition fees, for example.

Start maintaining your financial resilience by regularly consuming Fintamin C. Those who don’t have the Jago application yet can download it here.

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