Looking for a Seamless Way to Pay Bills? Budi Shares His Secret

4 November 2021

A Seamless Way to Pay Bills: The Budi Way A Seamless Way to Pay Bills: The Budi Way

Speaking of monthly bills, have you ever experienced drama? For example, you are often scolded by your landlord for being late in paying the rent. Or, you once did an online exam and your internet connection was cut off. It turns out that after investigating, you did not pay your internet bill. And, when you wanted to pay, the money was already used for online shopping. In order to seamlessly manage your bill payment, let's see how Budi pays his bills.

Budi’s Secret to Paying Bills Without Forgetting Even One

Today is Budi's payday. Budi is very happy because in the morning when he wakes up and checks his savings account, he has received his salary. His savings account, which is full of money, is screaming to be used.

Budi misses hearing the sweet voice of “pakeeeet” in front of his house. He immediately checks his shopping cart. In his shopping cart, there are many items waiting to be checked out.

But, Budi suddenly remembers that he has more important things to do. He had forgotten to pay his bills in the past. His electricity was cut off right when he was about to push rank. The water also stopped when he was feeding his fish. Since then, Budi has never wanted those incidents to happen again.

Complete obligations first, spend later, Budi says to himself. To be safe, Budi sets aside 50% to pay all kinds of monthly bills. The remaining 30% is for his wants and another 20% for future savings and emergencies.

After allocating money for each need, Budi also activates the Plan Ahead and automatic transfer features in the Jago application to pay every monthly bill.

This way, Budi doesn't have to bother paying bills every month anymore. He doesn’t forget either. He can have plenty of time to chill and have fun.

Also, when Budi wants to shop or indulge himself, he doesn't need to think twice about using the money, because he has completed all his obligations.

Do you want to be like Budi? Download the Jago application to be able to immediately use the Plan Ahead and automatic transfer features.

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