Make More Money, Strengthen Your Finances: Make Sure You Take Enough Fintamin E

22 September 2021

Ensure Sufficient Intake of Fintamin E to Strengthen Your Finances Ensure Sufficient Intake of Fintamin E to Strengthen Your Finances

There are many ways to live happily and with peace of mind. Even when you already live a happy life, there are still ways to improve the state. One of the factors that trigger stress is financial problems. If you are not financially healthy, you will definitely think about it all the time.

Financial health can be achieved after consuming Fintamin A, Fintamin B, Fintamin C and Fintamin D. If you want your already healthy finances to be even healthier and also stronger, you can take Fintamin E, which has something to do with making more money or increasing your income.

Strengthen Your Finances with Intake of Fintamin E: Explore Extra Skills and Income for the Future

In addition to having money from your earned income, which is your main income, you can start exploring other sources of income to strengthen your finances.

Apart from being away from stress in everyday life, there are several other benefits that you can enjoy if you have income from multiple streams:

1. It helps you reach your financial goals faster

With more income, you can be a few steps closer to your financial goals, whatever they may be. Both you and your child can pursue education of different levels at the same time. You can get your dream house or apartment faster, and much more.

2. It helps you tackle difficult times

With the supply of money always available from additional income, such as side business, buying stuff for other people (jastip) and so on, you don’t have to worry anymore.If an emergency happens, you have enough money to help get through the difficult time.

3. It helps cover healthcare costs that get more expensive over time

Although it applies to everyone, this benefit is felt more by those with their own families. Getting sick is something that everyone experiences. Healthcare costs do not get cheaper. On the other hand, healthcare costs will be more expensive over time. By having more income from several sources, health costs can be more easily covered.

How to Make More Money: Various Streams to Explore

So, what do you think? There’s nothing wrong with increasing knowledge by learning new things, such as learning how to sell well and learning investment tips and tricks? In addition to having a lot of expertise, income will be boosted.

Here Jago gives you several sources of income that you can explore right now or someday:

1. Have a side hustle

Most people dream of running their own businesses. You can be your own boss by starting a side hustle, for example, selling goods and/or services.

This way of increasing income may not be ideal if explored when you just started working as a full-time employee, because you need capital to start your own business. You can increase your capital by diligently saving or investing early on.

2. Income from property rental

You can invest in property. To enjoy fixed passive income every month, you can rent out the property. If someone regularly rents it, passive income will flow by itself.

3. Royalty

For those of you who are exceptionally good at arts, it’s time to try to make more money according to your expertise, whether it’s writing novels or composing songs, for example.

From the novels you write or the songs you compose, you can enjoy additional income in the form of royalty if you manage to sell up to a certain amount.

4. Dividend income

You can also become an investor to enjoy additional income. Depending on the number of shares you have in a company, you can get dividends and enjoy capital gains if the company from which you buy shares has a brilliant performance.

5. Capital gain

Apart from buying shares of a company, you can also increase your income in the form of capital gains when you invest in the capital market, such as investing in mutual funds. When the selling price exceeds its purchase price, you can sell to enjoy the capital gain.

In this modern era, investing in mutual funds is no longer complicated. You can enjoy the practicality of investing in mutual funds with Bibit. The Robo Advisor that Bibit uses is scientifically proven. This Robo Advisor will maximize your mutual fund investments according to your risk profile.

After earning other additional income, you still need an application that can help you manage your finances. You can download the Jago application to enjoy managing finances easily and practically yet in an innovative way.

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