You Will Not Forget to Pay Your Rent Anymore: Jago’s Plan Ahead is Here to Help You

28 September 2021

Often Forget to Pay Your Rent? Just Use Jago’s Plan Ahead Often Forget to Pay Your Rent? Just Use Jago’s Plan Ahead

Do you currently live in a boarding house? How have you been paying the rent? Do you often forget or never forget even once?

If you never forget, that’s very good. If you often forget, why do you forget? Do you often ignore paying or the money is used for other things, so you end up with not enough money to pay the boarding house rent?

It is best if you never skip any routine obligation, such as paying rent bills, either intentionally or not. Maybe your landlord is kind enough. They allow you some time to pay, don’t impose fines and don’t kick you out of the boarding house.

But, it would be nice if you could always pay your rent on time. You maintain a good relationship with your landlord and you don’t have to panic about not having money to pay rent.

If your landlord is strict with the rules, you will have to pay a fine for late payment. It’s too bad when the money is wasted to pay the fine. Isn’t it better to use the money to buy some snacks?

When there is certainty that the ‘debt’ has been paid off, you can use the money for other needs.

Jago’s ’Plan Ahead’ makes sure you pay your rent on time

So, Jagoans, have you used the Jago application? Only with Jago you can enjoy not only on time but also practical and hassle-free rental payment.

Take advantage of Jago’s Plan Ahead feature. Through this feature, you can separate money ahead of time specifically to pay the rent. Keep it separate so it doesn’t get mixed up with other needs. You can also set for the transfer to be automatic every month, according to your specified date. And, that’s it.

You don’t have to worry about admin fees for interbank transfers if your landlord doesn’t have a Jago account yet. It's because there is a free interbank transfer quota every month.

You are happy, your landlord is happy, Jago is also happy because Jago can help ease your obligations.

Download the Jago application so you can enjoy the benefits of the Plan Ahead feature right away!

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