Don’t Have the Jago Application yet? You’re Missing out on These 4 Privileges!

10 September 2021

4 Privileges Granted by the Jago Application for its Users

Of course, many Jagoans who read this article already have the Jago application. But, there may also be those who don’t have it yet. For those who haven’t got the Jago application on their phones yet, you are missing out on 4 privileges that every Jago application user can enjoy at any time.

Enjoy These 4 Privileges Granted by the Jago Application

1. A privilege of managing money according to your needs and desires

After the Jago application is downloaded, you can immediately register for a Jago account that only takes a few minutes.

Once you have a Jago account, you can manage money right away. There will be no such thing as running out of money at the end of the month. Managing money with Jago is super easy. You can create Pockets to separate one need from another.

You have the privilege of creating how many Pockets you want. There are people who like it when all indulgence needs are put together in 1 Pocket. However, there are also people who prefer that the need for snacks and the need for watching movies at the cinema are separated. For a mother, it would be easier if each child’s needs are separated into individual Pockets.

In the Jago application, you are free to create 1 Pocket or 2 Pockets. You can create up to 20 spending Pockets! If you already have the Jago Pockets, tracking spending becomes very easy. Just click on each Pocket to view detailed transaction history. You can also download the transaction history if you don’t want to open the app all the time.

2. A privilege of not having to visit a bank branch to open an account

Visiting a bank branch just to open an account sounds inconvenient. Especially when the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, it’s safest to stay at home.

You have the privilege of opening a Jago account from the comfort of your home. This is because Jago is fully digital. The process from registering for an account until verification is complete doesn’t take long.

3. A privilege of not having to switch applications when investing in mutual fund with Bibit and using Gojek services

Mutual fund investment in Bibit to secure your future is now easy because Jago has partnered with Bibit. Likewise when you want to order on GoFood or use GoRide for example, because Jago is now on Gojek.

The privilege of not having to switch applications is not the only benefit you get from having a Jago account. You can also enjoy the privilege of zero top-up fees.

4. A privilege of not having to pay various admin fees

Although the monthly admin fees aren’t that big, you still grumble when you have to pay, don’t you? Especially if it turns out that when you add them up, the amount becomes large. Ouch!

If you have a Jago account, you can enjoy the privilege of not having to pay fees of monthly admin fees, top-up fees and fees of transfers to other banks. Want more free stuff? You are free from depositing a certain amount of money when opening a Jago account.

Start enjoying the 4 privileges by downloading the Jago application.

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Download Jago App, select either Jago or Jago Syariah and proceed to complete your registration on your phone.

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