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3 Valuable Lessons Budgeting Teaches You, What Are They?

3 Valuable Lessons Budgeting Teaches You 3 Valuable Lessons Budgeting Teaches You

Budgeting is a beautiful thing to do in everyday life. You can enjoy benefits such as being able to save more, avoid debt, more easily achieve financial goals and build self-discipline.

In addition, it turns out that there are 3 valuable lessons that you can learn once you have started to make budgeting an inseparable part of life.

Budgeting and Its 3 Valuable Lessons

1. Turns out that you can spend less than you think

Jagoans, it turns out that after budgeting becomes a habit, you will find that you can spend less money than you think. This is because with budgeting, it is much easier for you to track expenses.

Budgeting also makes you more disciplined and helps you to resist the temptation to spend money as you please. If you don’t budget, you slowly but surely become accustomed to what is called overspending.

Finally, you may even feel that the money you make is not enough to meet your lifestyle. In fact, there is actually more than enough money.

2. Turns out that a lot of things happen suddenly and require a large amount of money to be handled immediately

After some time doing budgeting, you will realize that many things can happen suddenly and you have not prepared enough money. You are forced to use a budget that has been allocated for other needs.

It rained heavily, and it was not just heavy. It was much heavier than the previous rains. Your house started to leak everywhere. You need money to fix it. Or, yesterday, in the middle of the night you woke up because of the heat. You saw the AC was off, but when you tried to turn it on again, it just wouldn’t. This means you need to buy a new AC.

The two examples above are only a small part of the events that can come to anyone and unexpectedly, Jagoans.

Budgeting makes us aware of the importance of always having an emergency fund that can help and protect us from financial distress due to not having enough money to deal with unexpected events.

3. Turns out that you can know your financial boundaries

Jagoans, before budgeting, if someone asked how much money can you spend, what's your answer?

But now that you have consistently budgeted, you can easily answer such questions. You will know for sure how much money you can use.

This is very helpful when a friend invites you to go to the cinema, for example. You have a sufficient budget to watch at the cinema, because you have allocated a budget for it.

But, when a friend invites you to buy popcorn and various other snacks, you can firmly refuse it. This is because you didn't budget for snacking at the cinema.

Practical and Easy Budgeting with the Jago Application

So, Jagoans who have budgeted consistently, have you used the Jago application for budgeting, managing finances and monitoring expenses?

You can immediately feel the practicality and convenience in budgeting when you use the Pocket feature available in the Jago application. From spending needs such as paying installments and paying bills to saving needs such as setting aside money for emergency and retirement savings, every need can be separated with its own budget.

Want to pay bills? You can create a Monthly Bills Pocket. Want to pay installments? You can create another Pocket and name it House Installment Pocket. How to allocate budget to each pocket? You just need to move some money from the Main Pocket.

After budgeting is done, you can immediately monitor expenses because Jago will automatically record all transactions that you make through the Jago application. Practical and very easy right?

Don't have the Jago application yet and want to be a Jagoan in budgeting? Download the Jago application here.

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