Types of Pocket Add-ons

There are 3 types of Add-ons you can add to your Pockets:

Boosters to Save
Reach your saving goals easily by adding boosters such as Autosave, Lock Pocket, and Set Target.

* Autosave: An Add-on to help you save easier by setting an automating saving in a certain frequency and period that you can choose yourself
* Lock Pocket: You can lock your Pocket to get 4% p.a interest during the specific period you can set
* Target: An add-on to help you monitor your savings progress easier by setting up a savings target in each Pocket


Link to Pay
Pay online and offline expenses from your Pockets' balance by linking it to your Debit Card.

* Debit Card: You can link your Spending Pocket to your Jago Debit Card to use the Pocket as a source of fund whenever you pay with your Debit Card


Group Activity
Have fun with your family and friends while saving money by adding special Add-ons, such as Raffle and Request Money, and turn your Shared Pocket into Arisan Pocket.

* Raffle: An add-on to help you pick the arisan winner automatically and transfer the money to the winners' Pocket directly
* Payment Request: An add-on to help you request some money from your friends by inputting the amount and sending the notification to them

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