Press Release - November 15, 2023

Jago Digital Academy Shapes Work-Ready Talents

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Jakarta, November 9, 2023 - As a technology-based bank embedded in the ecosystem, Bank Jago aspires to expand opportunities for millions of people through digital financial solutions. Based on the mission, Bank Jago continues to innovate and build creative solutions through various initiatives. The latest innovation was Jago Digital Academy, a collaborative forum for talents in the technology field (or also known as tech talents) to accelerate their digital knowledge and competencies.

"Jago Digital Academy is one of Bank Jago's innovations as we want to play an active role in creating a positive impact and making a meaningful contribution in advancing the quality of human resources. Through this program, we hope we can produce digital talents who are not only competent, but also ready to work," said Bank Jago President Director Arief Harris Tandjung.

Bank Jago collaborates with various parties in developing Jago Digital Academy, especially universities and digital ecosystem partners. Through this program, students are encouraged to seek experience outside campus and learn from experts in the field of digital technology, and are ready to enter the increasingly competitive work space.

As a country with the fourth largest population in the world and the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has a demographic dominated by the young generation of productive age. While it has demographic advantages, Indonesia still faces challenges in improving the quality of its human resources, especially in terms of digital competency. This is in line with the findings of the World Economic Forum through The Future of Jobs Report 2023 survey, which states that technology adoption will be a key driver of business transformation in the next five years, including in banking as an essential industry.

Maya Kartika, Head of Communication, Culture and Sustainability at Bank Jago, says that currently the Jago Digital Academy program is open to three technical skill lines, namely Product Management, Engineering and Data Science. All three will be equipped with knowledge about Digital Banking and Soft Skills needed in the professional world.

Jago Digital Academy participants will later be able to develop ideas in a collaborative environment through a mentoring system and project-based case studies. To provide direct experience in the agile world of work, selected participants will have internship opportunities in the Bank Jago ecosystem.

Partnerships with universities enable the Jago Digital Academy program to be counted as a course credit per semester (SKS) for students. Participants can join the entire program according to the pace of their learning process.

Currently, the University of Indonesia and Bina Nusantara University have collaborated with Jago Digital Academy as part of independent studies that can be converted into course credits. Bank Jago is also exploring collaboration with the Merdeka Campus internship program and a number of other universities to ensure participants from other campuses count their participation in Jago Digital Academy into their course credits.

“We are also exploring partnerships with several other campuses in Indonesia. We want this program to have a broad impact on prospective tech talents who will enter the professional world," said Maya Kartika.

Bank Jago's strategic partner in this program is Dkatalis Digital Lab, a digital company that focuses on building digital solutions to accelerate growth through technology.

"In the current digital era, Dkatalis sees tech engineers as increasingly critical or inseparable in all industries. Through Jago Digital Academy, we facilitate those who want to deepen their digital skills to get special in-depth learning modules, corporate-based case studies, and receive guidance from experienced practitioners. This is in line with our aspiration to be a catalyst, which means playing an active role in every change through digital solutions," said Dkatalis CEO Kharim Siregar.

In conclusion, Arief Harris Tandjung emphasizes that Bank Jago together with strategic partners are committed to actively contributing to Indonesia's digital growth, not only in the financial or banking industry, but also in terms of strengthening the infrastructure and the competence of human resources.


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