Why Fintamin?

Everyone has different needs and ways to maintain health and endurance. One of them is by taking vitamins regularly. Like the body, you need to take care of your financial health. Inspired by the concept of vitamins, Fintamin is here for financial health and resilience.

Fintamin (Financial Vitamin) is a series of nutrients that will help maintain financial health and resilience. Each Fintamin provides efficacy and has different recommendations for use, depending on the stage of life. Fintamin does not promise quick results. However, regular intake of Fintamin can maximize financial health and resilience individually, with family as well as with loved ones.

Fintamin is formulated by Jago and financial health experts called the MultiFintamin. Let’s get to know them!


Fintamin A
Analyze expenses

Fintamin A helps eliminate the habit of making assumptions and increase awareness to avoid financial duress.

Recommended use:
Consume regularly.

Fintamin B

Fintamin B helps create budget breakdowns as needed, say adios to unnecessary worry.

Recommended use:
1 x at the beginning of the month

Fintamin C
Check and balance expenses religiously

Fintamin C maintain financial resilience and ensure that all expenditures are within budget to avoid overspending.

Recommended use:
Consume regularly

Fintamin D
Disciplined in saving and investing

Fintamin D strengthens your financial immunity by setting aside funds regularly.

Recommended use:
Start early, start now!

Fintamin E
Explore Extra Skills & Income for The Future

Fintamin E helps you discover new skills, side hustle inspirations to get extra pocket money.

Recommended use:
Safe to consume for life.

Fintamin K
Kindred Spirit in Financial Management

Fintamin K makes reaching goals and sharing inspiration easier, more open and full of excitement.

Recommended use:
Consume with loved ones. Singles, welcomed.

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Introducing Jago’s MultiFintamin team

Philip Mulyana

After 12 years of working in the securities industry, Philip is now known to netizens as a Financial Advisor & Financial Coach. As a MultiFintamin, Phillip wants to share the fundamental mistakes in financial management from his personal experiences. With Fintamin, Philip will try to provide healthy financial solutions through everyday problems and challenges.

Annisa Steviani

Representing families' financial health from a woman’s perspective, this MultiFintamin surely is the expert. As a certified financial planner, Annisa loves to share her financial management recipes that are quick and easy, perfect for young couples and families. Annisa will share all the good side effects of consuming our Fintamin.

Samuel Ray

The 3 main topics that you’ll notice on Samuel Ray’s social media page: career, frugal living, and family financial management with his spouse. Talking about finances can be nerve-racking, but with Samuel, he will open your eyes and help you mend your financial patterns. Samuel encourages you to be honest with yourself so that you can be financially healthy up until your retirement days. See how you can consume our Fintamin the right way with Samuel!

Dani Rachmat

Money management is easy - This is what Dani Rachmat swears by on his Instagram. This MultiFintamin had a long track record of working in the banking industry and is your go-to guy when you reach a financial burnout. He will share his snackable and easy-to-digest financial management content. As a MultiFintamin, Mamat will give you the right dose so you won’t catch a financial disease.

Ferdie Darmawan

No wonder Ferdi is known as a millennial financial industry player, he’s been investing since he was 19 years old! When he started his journey, he wasn’t exposed to a lot of information, and surely didn’t have the access like what we have today. But, he will share all his precious life lessons by giving the perfect Fintamin for the youngsters.

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