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Benefits of Jago Kredit Pintar

Pay your Kredit Pintar loans with the Jago Pocket. No switching app needed.

Easily open a Jago account from the Kredit Pintar app. Anytime and anywhere!

Earn cashbacks, check the promo page!

Will there be more benefits in the future?

Jago and Kredit Pintar are developing a new feature to simplify your days further. One of them is:

Loan auto-payment from the Kredit Pintar app

In the future, you can pay your loans with an auto-payment feature. Hassle-free and no more forgetting your loan repayment!

How to create a Jago account via Kredit Pintar

  1. Click the Jago banner, or go to the 'My Savings' menu on the Kredit Pintar app
  2. Choose the Bank Jago icon, finish the steps of opening an account or linking your account
  3. Complete your personal data
  4. Wait for a video call with Jago's customer service team
  5. Finish
Create Jago Account via Kredit Pintar

Loan repayment steps using Jago

  1. Follow the steps of opening/linking your Jago account to Kredit Pintar (skip this step if you already linked your account)
  2. Choose the 'Bill' menu on the Kredit Pintar app
  3. Choose the 'Direct Debit' payment method and choose Jago
  4. Finish the payment process
Pay Kredit Pintar with Jago

Watch this video for the complete how-to

What are the benefits of Jago?

Jago is an app that makes money management simple, collaborative and innovative.

Jago Pockets.
Split your spending and savings into multiple pockets to help manage your finances.
FREE Transfers & Cash out.
Each month, you’ll get free 25x bank transfers & e-wallet top-ups and 5x cash out on other banks’ ATM.
No added fee, no minimum balance.
Open an account with no minimum balance and save up or invest, free from admin fees.
Fast and secured.
Supervised by OJK and LPS, Jago uses state of the art technology to secure your login and all of your transactions.

More Information

It's time to enjoy your life with the help of Jago features. Deal with transactions effortlessly just in a few simple steps. Visit our FAQ for further info.

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