Promo Period

  1. Registration of promo period: 1 - 31 July 2022.
  2. Promo 7% interest rate is applicable for the first three months for each new user starting from the registration date.

User Eligibility

  1. Promotional interest rate only applicable to new users who register through GoPay and link their Pocket in the Gojek app within the promotion period.
  2. The regular interest calculation will be applied if the user has registered during the promo period but has not yet connected the Jago account to Gojek.

Pocket Eligibility

    7% interest rate promotion will be applied to the Main Pocket, all Spending Pockets, and all Saving Pockets (but excluding locked pockets & giveaway pockets)


  1. The 7% promotional interest rate will take effect from the day the user completes registration within the promo period. Add money to Pocket and Pocket linking before the three-month validity ends.
  2. 7% promotional interest rate will be eligible for the user with a max balance of 100 Mio, user who has a balance over 100 Mio will apply a regular interest rate
  3. The interest rate will be returned to standard rates three months after the user registration date, period coined on a date to date basis/calendar month.
  4. If the user unlinks the partner in the middle of the ongoing promotion period, the interest rate will return to normal.
  5. Interest from this promotion will be accumulated daily from the 25th to the 25th of next month and disbursed on the 1st of every month.
  6. The 7% interest promo consists of:
    • 3.5% interest according to the balance in all your Pockets when Kantong Jago is connected as a payment method on GoPay (disbursed to each Pocket)
    • 3.5% interest according to the balance in the Main Pocket, Pay Pocket, and Savings Pocket with a maximum accumulated balance of IDR 100,000,000 (disbursed to Main Pocket). If the balance is more than IDR100,000,000, the extra 3.5% interest will only be calculated for IDR100,000,000

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