Migrate to Jago Syariah
Migrate to Jago Syariah
What are the benefits of<br>switching to Jago Syariah?

What are the benefits of
switching to Jago Syariah?

You can start doing financial management better in the Syariah way through using Kantong Jago Syariah. Your savings will follow the Akad Wadiah principle with 0% interest. You need to withdraw from your Jago conventional account in order to open new account in Jago Syariah.

Simple Steps to Switch from
Jago to Jago Syariah

Simple Steps to Switch from<br>Jago to Jago Syariah

Step 1: Migrate to Jago Syariah

Click “Convert to Jago Syariah” under General Settings menu in the Jago App.

Next steps are easier

Step 2

Review all the information regarding the account switch to Jago Syariah.

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Step 3

You will be required to:

Close certain pockets permanently Close certain pockets permanently
Unblock your pocket Unblock your pocket
Finish your pending transaction Finish your pending transaction

Step 4

You will be notified that your Transaction History and Spend Analysis in the previous version of Jago App will be deleted. However, the transaction information is still available through the e-Statement.





linked pockets

Partners' <br>linked pockets
Step 5

Step 5

If you agree, please select “Next” on the menu shown.

Your balance in Jago with interest will be automatically transferred to Jago Syariah.

Read all

the Terms & Conditions of
Jago Syariah

Step 6

Fill in your password previously created in
Jago to confirm the migration process.

Enter your

Enter your<br>credentials

1. Fill in your password and PIN number previously created in Jago

In progress

Migration <br>In progress

2. Jago will process your request



3. Your Jago Syariah account is now active

Get ready to start your journey with Jago Syariah and apply Wadiah principle in every transaction!

Langkah Terakhir
Jago Syariah

Jago Syariah

Akad Wadiah Yad Dhamanah

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