How to Join the Promo

Steps Reward
Create a Jago account
Download the Jago app and register
Top up Rp200,000 within 7 days of opening
(Rp150,000 for the Mantuul2 + Rp50,000 for the Agustusan promo)
Cashback Rp50,000 + GoFood Voucher Rp50,000
Try out Jago’s features
Click here for more info
Cashback Rp50,000
Total Cashback Cashback Rp100,000 + GoFood Voucher


  • Promo period: 8 - 31 August 2022
  • This promo is an add-on to the Mantuul2 promo which lasts for 3 weeks
  • This promotion is valid for all Jago & Jago Syariah new users with the exception of Jago & Amaan employees
  • Requirements: 
    • Users must register straight from the Jago app
    • Users must complete their Jago account registration before 31 August 2022
    • Users must be qualified for the Mantuul2 promo (click here for more info)
    • Users must maintain a total of Rp200,000 (Rp150,000 balance from Mantuul2 promo + Rp50,000 from Agustusan promo) for 30 days

Terms & Conditions

  • This promo is valid for the first 5,000 qualified new users
  • This promo is valid for both Jago & Jago Syariah new users who registered straight from the Jago app
  • Eligible customers will receive the Rp100,000 rewards to the Jago account the latest by 14 October 2022
  • Users can receive up to Rp150,000 cashback (Rp50,000 from Mantuul2 base promo cashback + Rp50,000 from Mantuul2 Add-Ons + GoFood voucher worth Rp50.000 from Agustusan Promo cashback)
    • Mantuul2 Add-Ons are optional and are not mandatory requirements for Agustusan promo
  • The prize tax is borne by Jago
  • This promotion is free of charge
  • Jago has the right to change the Terms & Conditions of this program if deemed necessary by providing information through Jago's website, application and social media accounts
  • Decisions, conditions, or changes to conditions made by Jago cannot be contested
  • By participating in this promotion program, Jago users acknowledge, understand, and agree to all applicable terms and conditions
  • Jago has the right to cancel a promotional prize if there is any indication of fraud or violation of the terms and conditions of the promotion
  • Jago and the customer agree to mutually released and freed the other party from all claims, demands, losses, costs that may arise in connection with this program if occurs due to the negligence of each party
  • These terms and conditions have been made following the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations, including the regulations of the Financial Services Authority (OJK)
  • Should you have any questions, please contact us via the official Jago Customer Care contact numbers at 1500746 or (021) 3000 0746, email us at [email protected], and also our social media channels (Instagram and Twitter) at @tanyajago

Agustusan Promo is a promo for Jago & Jago Syariah new users, with a Rp150,000 (Rp100,000 cashback + GoFood voucher worth Rp50,000) cashback incentive after completing registration, topping up Rp200,000 to their account, keeping it for 30 days & try out some of Jago's features.

This promo is an add-on to the Mantuul2 promo.

8 - 31 August 2022.

Download the Jago app and complete the registration process. Then
  • Join the Mantuul2 promo
  • Top up and maintain a minimum of Rp200,000 (Rp150,000 balance from Mantuul2 promo + Rp50,000 from Agustusan promo) for 30 days
  • Try out Jago's features to get the extra cashback

  • New Jago users
  • New Jago Syariah users

Who are qualified for both Mantuul2 & Agustusan promo.

Cashback will be sent to your Jago account on 14 October 2022 the latest.

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