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How to Diversify Your Investments: Low Risk and Sharia Compliant

diversifikasi investasi dan aset sesuai prinsip syariah di deposito syariah jago dan reksa dana bibit How to Diversify Your Investments: Low Risk and Sharia Compliant

Hopefully many of you already have sufficient savings. For those of you who want to maximize profits, you can start considering asset diversification. Indeed, asset diversification is a very important and recommended strategy in financial management.

What is Asset Diversification?

Have you ever heard the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket"? Imagine what might happen when the basket falls to the floor, all the eggs in it will most likely break.

It turns out, the saying can be closely related to asset management. Imagine if the assets you owned were all stored in just one place, and something undesirable happened in the future. The risk of fluctuation may occur for those who invest all their assets in shares. Other investment risks that may occur include currency exchange rate risk for those who play forex and bankruptcy risk.

Why Diversify Your Asset Portfolio?

There are a number of benefits to diversifying asset portfolio. By saving, investing or allocating assets in several places, you secure assets and make their value more stable.

Apart from that, by diversifying your assets, you will increase your potential to obtain a more balanced return even if an investment's performance is declining. Risks can be minimized and the source of income from investments remains.

Low-Risk Investment Diversification According to Sharia Principles with Jago Syariah

For those who want to start diversifying assets and prefer low-risk types of investments, there are options such as deposits and mutual funds. Of course, for these two types of investment products, you can choose those that comply with sharia principles so that your heart and mind are at peace and you can live a more blessed life.

1. Sharia Deposit: a type of low-risk sharia investment with competitive profit sharing from Bank Jago Syariah

Want to invest long term and don't want to take big risks? The Sharia Deposit is the right choice. Apart from being able to protect your assets by investing in low-risk instruments, you can increase your income. Why? Because by saving or investing in a Sharia Deposit, you will get profit sharing. This is different when you save money in sharia savings, which does not use the profit sharing principle.

The Sharia Deposit is a product from Bank Jago Syariah that uses Mudharabah Muthlaqah akad in accordance with sharia principles. Bank Jago Syariah will manage the money you entrust to be invested in various types of businesses in accordance with Islamic law. By investing money in the Sharia Deposit, you will gain profits according to the ratio agreed by both parties.

Find complete information such as the period for depositing money, the amount of Sharia Deposit profit sharing and various other benefits from the Sharia Deposit on the Sharia Deposit Pocket Feature.

2. Sharia mutual funds in Bibit, you can invest directly from the Jago application

Mutual funds can be an alternative low-risk investment instrument to try. By investing in mutual funds, a professional investment manager will manage the funds you invest in various investment instruments. So in fact, mutual funds themselves have implemented investment diversification. This is done to reduce risk and minimize if a loss occurs in one of the instruments.

In Bibit, you can set your preferences to invest in sharia mutual funds. Sharia mutual funds are a type of sharia investment that only invests in halal category companies.

Link your Jago Syariah account with Bibit to start investing from Rp100,000, plus top-up fees are free. You can invest in mutual funds from the Jago application to avoid switching applications. When you enrich your sharia mutual fund investment portfolio in Bibit, you can monitor it directly from the Bibit Pockets that appear in the Jago application. Awesome, right?

So Jagoans, which sharia products do you want to invest first to diversify your assets?

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