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Principles of Reporting & Evidence Collection

Reports will be easy to follow up if they meet the following elements:

  • What
    Actions of known indications
  • Where
    Where did the action take place
  • When
    When did the action take place
  • Who
    Who are the parties involved?
  • How
    How the action is performed (modus/method/etc)

Fraud - An act of deviation or omission that is intentionally carried out to deceive, fraud, or manipulate a bank, customer, or other party, which occurs within the bank and/or uses bank facilities so as to cause the bank, customer, or other party to suffer losses and/or the perpetrator fraud gains financial benefits either directly or indirectly.

The types of acts that are classified as fraud are:

  1. Deception
  2. Fraud
  3. Asset Embezzlement
  4. Information Leak
  5. Banking crime (Tipibank)

Violation of the code of ethics - Actions that are not in accordance with the corporate culture that has been formulated based on positive values ‚Äč‚Äčthat grow and develop in all company personnel, to achieve common goals and also as a reference for company personnel in making decisions and acting.

Violation of conflict of interest -Actions that cause a condition in which a person in carrying out his duties and obligations has interests outside the interests of the service, both those involving personal, family, or other parties' interests so that it is possible for the company's personnel to lose their objectivity in making decisions and policies. in accordance with the authority that has been given to him by the company.

Violation of the law - Actions that violate the laws in force in Indonesia.

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