What you can do with Jago Syariah

Save with Wadiah principle, transact, and manage money more easily & safely, straight from the app

60 Jago Syariah Pockets = 60 Accounts

Separate expenses and savings using Wadiah Yad Dhamanah akad without interest, as well as investments using Mudharabah Muthlaqah akad with profit sharing. Can create 60 accounts in 1 application, in accordance with DSN MUI fatwa and without monthly admin fees.

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With QRIS Jago Syariah, you can choose the Pocket as source of fund and manage expenses. The source of fund uses Wadiah Yad Dhamanah akad without interest.

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With Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card, transact online & offline and withdraw cash from any banks' ATMs across the world

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Save money for future financial goals and get a distribution of a 16.21% ratio with a profit sharing equivalent to 5% p.a. Withdraw at any time without penalty fees, and you will still get prorate profit sharing.

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Jago collaborates with Indonesia's digital ecosystem, making investing & spending more seamless

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Enjoy Jago Syariah benefits and GoPay conveniences in one feature. Seamless transactions, wadiah akad without interest, plus unlimited balance.

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Jago & Bibit collaborates To make investing hassle-free! Saving in mutual funds is now faster & with no top-up fees.

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Enjoy various kinds of promos available for new users and loyal Jago users

Jago Rame Rame

Invite a friend to register with Jago using your unique referral code, both you and your friend will be rewarded with Rp25,000 each!

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Use Jago for your daily transactions and get up to 100K reward.

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Registrasi Jago from Bibit to get reward up to 35K for sure, Share your kindness during Ramadan.

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As a valued customer of Jago, you are eligible for some exclusive offers. Please click here to view them.

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February 26

Want to Save and Chip in for Sacrificial Animals? You Can Do Both with Jago Syariah

Practical and easy, you can save money for sacrificial animals such as goats and sheep in the Saving Pocket. If you want to chip in for a cow sacrifice, use the Shared Pocket. Read more
Want to Save and Chip in for Sacrificial Animals? You Can Do Both with Jago Syariah

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Enjoy secure and worry-free transactions

  • Bank Jago is licensed and supervised by Financial Services Authority (OJK)
  • Your money at Bank Jago is guaranteed by LPS, according to the maximum deposit amount set by LPS
  • Choose one of fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN or password when logging in and completing your transactions
  • Login and transaction notifications available (to be set as per your requirement)

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