Privacy Policy

(Effectively valid from 13 February 2023)

PT Bank Jago Tbk (hereinafter referred to as “Bank Jago”) is fully aware that Personal Data is the most important asset for you, so Bank Jago is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and protection of your Personal Data, related to the use of banking products and/or services offered by Jago Bank.

Bank Jago implements policies and best practices aimed at protecting and maintaining the privacy and security of your Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, for data processing related to the use of Bank Jago banking products and/or services (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”).

Furthermore, this Privacy Policy applies to all owners of Personal Data (Personal Data Subjects), related to the use of banking products and/or services (hereinafter referred to as “you”).

1. Purpose and Scope of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates the policies and practices implemented by Bank Jago as “Controller of Personal Data” in obtaining, correcting, updating, distributing, displaying, announcing, transferring, disclosing, deleting, and destroying (hereinafter referred to as “Processing”) your Personal Data, related to the use of banking products and/or services, includes:

  1. Banking services, including Savings, Loans and other Banking Services, including but not limited to investment products, Credit Cards, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and others.
  2. Websites, features, applications, social media, or other forms of communication media provided or used by Bank Jago.

All services hereinafter referred to as “Services”.

2. Rights of Personal Data Subjects

As a Personal Data Subject, you have the right to:

  1. Obtain information regarding clarity of identity, basis of legal interest, purpose of requesting and using Personal Data, and accountability of the party requesting Personal Data.
  2. Complete, update and/or correct errors and/or inaccuracies in Personal Data about yourself in accordance with the purpose of processing Personal Data.
  3. Get access and obtain a copy of Personal Data about yourself in accordance with statutory provisions.
  4. End processing, delete and/or destroy Personal Data about yourself in accordance with statutory provisions.
  5. Withdraw consent to the processing of Personal Data about yourself that has been given to the Personal Data Controller.
  6. File an objection to decision-making actions that are based solely on automatic processing, including profiling, which give rise to legal consequences or have a significant impact on the Personal Data Subject.
  7. Suspend or limit the processing of Personal Data proportionately according to the purposes for which the Personal Data is processed.
  8. Sue and receive compensation for violations of processing Personal Data about yourself in accordance with statutory provisions.
  9. Obtain and/or use Personal Data about yourself from the Personal Data Controller in a form that conforms to the structure and/or format commonly used or can be read by electronic systems.
  10. Using and sending Personal Data about yourself to other Personal Data Controllers, as long as the systems used can communicate with each other safely in accordance with the principles of Personal Data Protection based on statutory provisions.

3. Purpose of Processing Personal Data

In processing Personal Data belonging to Personal Data Subjects, Bank Jago has the following objectives:

  1. To carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) principles and provide personalization to Personal Data Subjects regarding the use of services provided by Bank Jago.
  2. To carry out statutory regulations.
  3. To carry out troubleshooting related to access to services.
  4. For the marketing needs of the services and products offered by Bank Jago, this includes sending promotions, new products, news, surveys and service-related updates.
  5. To evaluate and update Bank Jago's service features on an ongoing basis.
  6. For the needs of processing Personal Data to produce Personal Data Subject profile data.
  7. For the benefit of the loyalty program to the Personal Data Subject.
  8. To offer advertisements or promotions or offers from other parties who work with Bank Jago.

4. Personal Data Processed by Bank Jago

Bank Jago obtains and collects information that identifies and/or can be identified separately or combined with other information either directly or indirectly through electronic and/or non-electronic systems related to that information which in this case is limited to Services.

Personal data collected by Bank Jago can be provided by Personal Data Subjects directly or from third parties (for example, when Personal Data Subjects register or use the Service when contacting customer service or through Bank Jago partners). Bank Jago will collect Personal Data in various forms of purposes, including those permitted by the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

Your Personal Data that will be collected in the implementation of this Service include:

  1. Personal Data required by Bank Jago to provide Services, includes general and specific Personal Data as follows:
    1. General data:
      1. Full name.
      2. Address.
      3. Place and date of birth.
      4. Gender.
      5. Citizenship.
      6. Mother's maiden name.
      7. Religion.
      8. Work.
      9. Education.
      10. Position.
      11. National Identity Number / Passport / Child Parent Card / Student Card,
      12. Mobile phone number,
      13. Email address,
      14. Office/home phone number,
      15. Personal Data combined to identify an individual.
    2. Custom Data:
      1. Biometric data that can uniquely identify individuals but not limited to facial images, fingerprints, speech recordings.
      2. Personal financial data but not limited to income and Taxpayer Identification Number.
      3. Other data in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.
    3. In addition, to the extent that other information, including personal profiles and/or identification, is associated with or incorporated in Personal Data, then that information is also Personal Data. You have the option to provide additional Personal Data to Bank Jago for account personalization needs beyond those mentioned above.
  2. Tracking data for information collected when you use the services provided by Bank Jago. Information relating to Personal Data includes but is not limited to:
    1. Search data and browsing history.
    2. Your associations or preferences collected from the use of the Service.
    3. Photos, voices, contacts, call lists or other interactions in the Service that are permitted by you to be accessed through the devices they have. The Bank never scans or takes photos on your album and/or camera on your device.
  3. Personal Data created and obtained from the results of using Bank Jago Services, including but not limited to:
    1. Technical processed data, such as profiling assessment, location assessment, mobile positioning.
    2. Information about data obtained from banking service usage activities that are accessed by you, such as bill payments as well as your profiling and segmentation.
  4. Personal Data from Bank Business Groups and/or other third parties who are partners with Bank Jago or cooperate with Bank Jago.

5. Storage of Personal Data

Bank Jago is committed to keeping your Personal Data with the best protection as long as necessary to provide the Service. Some Personal Data can also be managed, processed and stored by third parties who work with Bank Jago to maintain Service performance while still complying with obligations for access and effectiveness of supervision in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Bank Jago will store Personal Data as mentioned above as long as it is needed to achieve the purpose why the Personal Data was collected, while you are still using the Service, or as long as the storage is required or permitted in accordance with Bank Jago's data retention policy and applicable laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia.

Bank Jago will stop storing your Personal Data, or eliminate the ways in which Personal Data can be associated with you, immediately after reviewing the reasons or assumptions that the collection of Personal Data is no longer fulfilled by storing related Personal Data, and storage is no longer required for legal and business purposes.

6. Processing of Personal Data

Bank Jago will not sell, exchange, display, announce, transfer, disseminate, and/or disclose Personal Data and any information relating to customers, visitors, or users of Bank Services.

Personal Data Subjects are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of details of their Personal Data and must always maintain and be responsible for the security of the devices used to access Bank Jago Services.

The customer, hereby acknowledges and if required by applicable Personal Data Protection regulations, expressly agrees that the Personal Data obtained and collected by Bank Jago together with information related to relevant transactions, can be disclosed to authorized government agencies or other authorized parties based on laws or cooperation agreements, in terms of:

  1. For the purposes of applicable law and/or in response to ongoing legal processes.
  2. To protect the safety of Bank Jago, the safety of Personal Data Subjects or the safety of other people or for legitimate interests in the context of:
    1. National security.
    2. Law enforcement process.
    3. State administration.
    4. The interest in overseeing the financial services sector, monetary, payment systems, and financial system stability.
    5. Aggregate data and its processing are intended for the purposes of statistics and scientific research in the framework of state administration.
    6. State of emergency that has been established by the Government.
  3. For the purposes of internal audit and/or digital forensics for criminal acts or violations of regulations or policies within Bank Jago and affiliated companies.
  4. If necessary in connection with legal proceedings filed against the Bank, officials, employees, affiliates or other related third parties.
  5. To establish, implement, protect, maintain and enforce the legal rights of Bank Jago.
  6. In the context of processing personal data with Bank Jago affiliated companies, Bank Jago will only provide it in good faith in the form of a summary on the basis of legitimate interest before the law. In the event that Bank Jago processes Personal Data that opens your personal profile, Bank Jago will make the best efforts to protect the privacy of Personal Data, which is carried out after signing a confidentiality agreement, or additional approval by giving notice to you before your Personal Data is disclosed to affiliate of Bank Jago and comply with the Privacy Policy and applicable laws and regulations, so that you can still ensure the confidentiality of your Personal Data.
  7. To disclose your Personal Data to third parties, in order to ensure that Bank Jago can provide services to you and assist the government of the Republic of Indonesia and its supporting institutions for the implementation of state functions.
  8. For certain services, Bank Jago needs to process sensitive Personal Data, such as information related to health, genetics, biometric identifiers, sexual orientation, and so on. To the extent that Bank Jago requires your explicit consent to process this kind of data, Bank Jago will provide details about the processing of Personal Data at the time of data collection and seek consent from you.

This disclosure is carried out by considering the security aspects so as to ensure that in the disclosure process no data is misused.

7. Access to Personal Data

Bank Jago is committed to fulfilling the rights of Personal Data Subjects to access the Personal Data collected and processed by Bank Jago. In fulfilling a request for access to Personal Data, Bank Jago may refuse the request if Bank Jago finds that the request for Personal Data meets one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Endanger the security or physical health or mental health of the Personal Data Owner and/or other people.
  2. Impact on the disclosure of other people's Personal Data.
  3. Contrary to the interests of national defense and security.

For further information regarding requests for access to Personal Data, you can contact the communication channels established by the Bank.

8. Correction and Updating of Personal Data

If you find an error in your Personal Data caused by inaccuracies or you need to update your Personal Data, then you can ask Bank Jago to correct, complete and/or update your Personal Data which is in the management of the Bank, by contacting the communication channel set by the Bank.

In the event that there is an inaccuracy in providing your Personal Data, Bank Jago has the right to stop services and/or transactions based on the knowledge and considerations of Bank Jago.

Bank Jago urges you to play an active role in ensuring the accuracy and updating of your Personal Data.

9. Deletion and Destruction of Personal Data

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations or Bank Jago's data retention policy or at your request / request, Bank Jago can delete and/or destroy your Personal Data from the system so that the data no longer identifies you, except in the case of:

  1. If it is necessary to retain Personal Data to fulfill legal obligations, the need for proof at a later date, tax, audit and accounting. Bank Jago will submit the necessary Personal Data as long as you use the Bank's Services or according to the time period required by the applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Personal Data is still in the retention period based on the applicable laws and regulations.

Regarding the need to destroy your Personal Data from the system (right to erase), a written application is required to be submitted to the Bank so that the Personal Data can be destroyed from Bank Jago's system.

10. Personal Data Security

Confidentiality of your Personal Data is a priority for Bank Jago. Bank Jago is committed to implementing the best efforts in order to protect and secure Personal Data from access to collection, processing, analysis, storage, disclosure, repair and deletion by unauthorized parties.

In the event of access and illegal activities on the confidentiality of Personal Data that are beyond the control of Bank Jago, Bank Jago will immediately notify you at the first opportunity so as to reduce the risks arising from these incidents.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Personal Data information, including maintaining your username, password, email or OTP from anyone and for always maintaining and being responsible for the security of the device you use.

11. Acknowledgment and Approval

This Privacy Policy can be changed and/or updated as needed. Bank Jago urges you to always read carefully and check this page regularly to find out about changes to this policy.

In terms of using User Personal Data, you have the right to:

  1. Request a copy of Personal Data (Bank Jago reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee to complete this request).
  2. Request Bank Jago to correct incorrect data, or complete incomplete Personal Data.
  3. Submit a complaint to a data protection authority or other independent regulator about the use of Personal Data.
  4. Request Bank Jago to delete Personal Data if the data is no longer needed for the specified purpose or if there is no other legal basis for processing or this is not limited by provisions.

You can apply at any time by giving reasonable written notification to the communication channel established by the Bank.

Depending on the circumstances and nature of the consent being withdrawn, you must understand and acknowledge that Bank Jago has the authority to fulfill or not comply with the request for withdrawal of the approval. Once you withdraw the consent, you cannot use the Service. Withdrawal of consent can result in termination of your account or contractual relationship with Bank Jago, where all rights and obligations of each party are still fully protected.

12. Service Settings

You can choose not to receive marketing services, advertising, or other activities related to the processing of Personal Data, by contacting Bank Jago through the communication channels set by Bank Jago, or through other mechanisms prepared by each Bank Jago Service.

If you choose not to receive one service, Bank Jago still has the right to send messages regarding other Bank Jago services.

13. Cookie Use Policy

Web applications use cookies to differentiate you from other users of the application. This is to assist Bank Jago in providing a good experience when you use web applications and also allows Bank Jago to improve service quality through web applications.

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser.

14. Contact Us

If you have questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Notice or if you wish to access and/or correct your personal information, please contact Bank Jago customer service via the following link.

15. References

  • Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 27 of 2022 concerning Personal Data Protection.

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