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The Story of Jagoan Risvi Maulana on How Now He Can Easily Save Money and Manage Spending

The Story of Jagoan Risvi Maulana on How Now He Can Easily Save Money and Manage Spending The Story of Jagoan Risvi Maulana on How Now He Can Easily Save Money and Manage Spending

After shopping using a credit card, many people tend to forget to pay or don't have the money to pay it off. But, that's not the case with Risvi Maulana. Likewise in matters of building emergency funds, Risvi is a jagoan. Since using Jago, emergency funds are safe because they are saved in a separate account. Investing in mutual funds and managing spending also becomes easy and practical. How does Risvi do it with Jago?

Separating Savings and Spending with the Jago Pocket

Before using Jago, Risvi, who worked at a private company, admitted that he often found it difficult to save money and manage expenses at the same time.

“Before I knew about Jago, I could only have 1 account at another bank. So it's a bit difficult. Savings and money for daily needs are all in that account. So I was worried that my savings will be used for daily expenses."

But since using Jago, Risvi can easily separate savings and expenses in the Jago Pocket.

"I'm interested in opening an account at Bank Jago and using the Jago application because of its Pocket feature. It's so cool that I can create up to 40 Pockets, each of which has its own account number. So, 40 Pockets mean 40 bank accounts, which can all be monitored directly in 1 application.”

After starting to use Jago, as soon as Risvi gets his salary, he will move some of the money right away to save as an emergency fund.

“For me, having an emergency savings is very important. Jago makes my saving experience really seamless. I have a Saving Pocket for emergency funds. I also have a Spending Pocket for paying credit card bills and still use the Main Pocket for daily expenses such as online shopping and food.”

Jago Digital Ecosystem for Ease of Investments and Transactions

Apart from managing finances using the Pocket, Risvi also does not miss taking advantage of the power of the Jago digital ecosystem.

“Other than starting my emergency savings in the Jago Pocket, I have also started investing in mutual funds consistently in Bibit. The nice thing is, Bibit account and Jago account can be linked. To ensure I never skip investing, I use the Jago Autodebit feature as a payment method in Bibit. I can also monitor the investment portfolio in Bibit directly from the Jago application, so there's no need to switch applications. Super seamless.

Not only linking Jago to Bibit, Risvi has also linked his Jago account to Gojek.

“I live in a boarding house in Jakarta. So I often buy meals on GoFood, spending a lot of money for this. Since using Jago, I no longer need to top up my GoPay balance to pay for GoFood. Just choose a Jago Pocket as the payment method. Even if I need to top up my GoPay balance for other needs, I don't need to pay any top up fees at all, no matter how many times I do it."

The Jago Visa Debit Card and Other Conveniences from Jago

Apart from the Pocket feature and the digital ecosystem, Risvi also benefits from the various conveniences offered by Jago. With the Jago Visa Debit Card, for example, spending can be managed better because it is linked to 1 Pocket as a source of funds.

"Transactions using the Jago Visa Debit Card are more practical and very helpful in controlling expenses. Especially during a vacation, sometimes I want to buy everything I see. But, because I can only use money from the Pocket linked to the card, I cannot spend as I wish. The allocation of funds is clear and I can only spend that much. When in Singapore, I used the Jago Visa Debit Card not only for shopping but also when taking the MRT, I just had to tap it.”

Risvi has also saved quite a lot of money since using Jago because he no longer has to spend money on interbank transfer fees, e-Wallet top-ups and monthly admin fees.

“In Jago, there is the Account Level. The higher the Account Level, the more free quota you can enjoy. I used to spend quite a lot because I had a frequent need for inter-bank transfers. With Jago, it’s free. Moreover, the balance in my account is not deducted every month to pay admin fees. I have saved a lot of money.”

Jagoans, do you want to be like Risvi who can easily save, manage spending and enjoy various other conveniences? Create your Jago account and take advantage of its features.

The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don’t have it yet.

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