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The Story of Jagoan Tengku Zillia Tara on How She Successfully Saved Money to Buy Animal Sacrifice

The Story of Jagoan Tengku Zillia Tara on How She Successfully Saved Money to Buy Animal Sacrifice The Story of Jagoan Tengku Zillia Tara on How She Successfully Saved Money to Buy Animal Sacrifice

Of course it is the hope of every Muslim to be able to buy animal sacrifice in order to welcome Eid al-Adha. However, not all of them can do it for various reasons. Some may not be financially able, some others find it difficult to save due to a lack of self-discipline, and many more.

If in previous years Tengku Zillia Tara had not been able to buy a qurban for herself, this year the woman who is often called Lia and has one child has managed to do so. Lia managed to achieve her target of saving for a qurban and she was happy as she could buy a goat to be sacrificed on Eid al-Adha this year.

Creating a Jago Pocket to Save Money for Animal Sacrifice

One trick Lia used was to separate the money to buy a qurban into a different account. To do this, Lia created a Jago Pocket in the Jago application.

“I have always wanted to buy a qurban and I can do it this year, alhamdulillah. I got to know Jago when I took part in Nadia Harsya's cashflow therapy held by Bank Jago. I then downloaded Jago and tried the Pocket feature. The feature is amazing because it lets me separate various expenses by creating lots of Pockets. I immediately created a Qurban Pocket.”

Apart from the Pocket feature, Lia was greatly helped her THR. She was able save money to buy a qurban more quickly.

"As soon as I received my THR, I transferred some of it to the Qurban Pocket. I did not have to save for a long time. Alhamdulillah, I can buy a goat sacrifice."

Also Having Many Other Pockets to Manage Expenses

Apart from the Qurban Pocket, Lia also created other Pockets for various expenses. According to her, Jago makes it easier and more practical to manage finances because she can have multiple bank accounts in one application.

Each Jago Pocket has its own account number. The nice thing is, all the accounts can be monitored in the Jago application. So it's not as complicated as when you have multiple accounts at multiple banks, it’’s so difficult to monitor them all at once.”

“I already have Pockets for emergency funds and school fees. There is also a Pocket to pay for my parents’needs when they come home. Going forward, I already have plans to create Pockets for staycations, child immunizations and of course to save for the next Eid al-Adha sacrifice."

In order to manage finances better, what Lia does is that as soon as she receives her salary, she allocates a budget for each need right away.

"In the past, I lacked self-control, so my husband suggested that I slowly learn to manage finances. Fortunately, since using Jago and the Pocket feature, I can start controlling my expenses. As soon as I get my salary, I will immediately transfer the money to Jago so I don’t spend all my money without knowing where it goes."

Linking Jago to GoPay and Bibit

Apart from making the best use of the Pocket feature to become better at managing expenses, Lia also takes advantage of the Jago digital ecosystem for hassle-free transactions and to reduce expenses.

“As soon as I knew Jago could be linked to GoPay and Bibit, I did it right away. Now it's easier for me because I can use the Jago Pocket directly as a substitute for my GoPay balance. But, when I need a GoPay balance for shopping, I can also transfer money directly to the GoPay Pocket that appears in the Jago application. For mutual fund investments, I'm still learning, so right now I haven't used Bibit too often. Hopefully in the future after understanding more about investment, there will be more savings in my Bibit account through Jago."

So Jagoans, have you buy a qurban for this year’s Eid al-Adha? If you haven’t, don't be discouraged. It is time to start saving in a Jago Pocket like Lia so you can buy animal sacrifice the next year.

The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don’t have it yet.

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