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The Story of Jagoan Yola Tobing on How She Successfully Organizes Arisan With Other Moms

The Story of Jagoan Yola Tobing on How She Successfully Organizes Arisan With Other Moms The Story of Jagoan Yola Tobing on How She Successfully Organizes Arisan With Other Moms

Arisan is fun but also has many challenges, such as the recording of who has and hasn't paid and collection of arisan money. Jagoans who have an arisan gang must have really understood the challenges. However, since using the Arisan Pocket, Yola Tobing feels that arisan has become very practical. Yola's arisan with her fellow moms is now running smoothly without any more problems.

Successfully Organizing a Practical Arisan with Arisan Pocket

Yola Tobing, who is a freelance translator and mother of 3 children, admits that she enjoys participating in arisan for moral and material reasons.

“I always look forward to the arisan because I can talk a lot about women's topics that sometimes my husband and children don't understand. In addition, I also participate in arisan as a means of saving. I used to be afraid that my money was used up all the time, that I didn't have any savings. But since joining the arisan, I started to have savings,” said Yola.

Even so, Yola admits organizing an arisan was not without challenges. In fact, there were many challenges encountered.

“I used to appoint 2 friends. One was responsible for receiving money in her account, the other was in charge of recording who had paid and who had not. Honestly, doing it this way was really complicated because it always went back and forth. But, we didn’t find the right solution, so we kept on doing what we did."

Not only was it complicated in the recording process, Yola as the head of the arisan often felt bad when she had to collect arisan money from her friends who forgot to pay or didn’t pay on time according to the agreement.

“There is a sense of reluctance when it comes to collecting money. Moreover, to fellow mothers, sometimes there are other more urgent needs to be paid for. Oftentime, that’s the reason for the late payment,” added Yola.

Fortunately, all of the challenges above have been overcome since Yola tried the Arisan Pocket. "Since using the Arisan Pocket, I no longer need to chat my arisan friends personally to remind them about the arisan money, thanks to the Request Arisan feature."

Explaining further, Yola also felt the practicality of recording the arisan money. "In fact, it doesn't need to be recorded manually because the transaction history is available in the Arisan Pocket. Click the name of the Pocket member, and I can see how much she has transferred. Each arisan member can access the transaction history. Those who haven't transferred will feel ashamed. So now everyone make on time transfers."

In addition, Yola only needs to appoint 1 person as a PIC. "This PIC is responsible for confirming when the name of the arisan winner comes out of the automatic raffle in the Arisan Pocket," Yola explained.

This mother of 3 also feels very helped by the presence of the Arisan Pocket as the arisan can now be held virtually. “Virtual arisan saves a lot of my time because I can do it while spending time with my kids. Especially during the pandemic, there is no need to worry about bringing the virus from outside into the house."

Other than the Arisan Pocket, Yola also uses the Jago Pocket feature in the Jago application to manage daily expenses. So far, Yola already has 7 Jago Pockets outside of the Arisan Pocket. In the future, Yola intends to use the Saving Pocket to achieve one of her dreams.

“I believe I can definitely achieve whatever dream I have. I want to start creating a Saving Pocket and setting aside money consistently. Fortunately, I have used Jago. Managing expenses and finances has become easier and more practical," said Yola.

Jagoans, do you want your arisan to be hassle-free? Try the Arisan Pocket in the Jago application and invite your arisan gang to join. The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

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