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Together with Jago, You Become One Step Closer to Achieving Your Dreams

Together with Jago, You Become One Step Closer to Achieving Your Dreams Together with Jago, You Become One Step Closer to Achieving Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams that they want to come true. But often we feel that our dreams are too far away and impossible to achieve. To most of us, we simply don’t know how far we are from the summit.

However, life is a journey. Many people assume that victory is crossing the finish line. But, the journey of seeing goals going from 0 to 10% to 50% to 99%, that’s what brings a smile to our face, that's what makes it beautiful.

Every dream is made of small steps that each of us can achieve today, because the journey matters as much as achieving it. When it comes to achieving dreams, nothing beats hard work and consistency. But, Jago will be there with your every step, to make that journey easier for you.

One Step Closer to Achieving Your Dreams, With Jago

1. One step better at managing personal finances

Before a dream can be achieved, it is important to have organized finances. You may often think, when will I be jago at managing my own money? How can I have dreams when I know it’s impossible for me to achieve them?

For many people, financial management sounds intimidating. But, with Jago, managing money will be one step easier.

With Jago, you can easily and practically separate money for various needs using the Jago Pocket. Money for daily meals, transportation and monthly bills can be separated in the Spending Pockets.

What about your dream, what do you want to achieve? Do you want to have a vacation around the world, expand your business or pursue a doctoral study? Whatever your dream, you can get closer to achieving it when you save in the Saving Pocket. You don't need to create multiple bank accounts because each of the Jago Pockets that you create has its own account number. Everything can be monitored with just one glance.

After separating the money for priority expenses, you can set aside money to put into savings. Set a target and make saving automatic, and you will smile every time your savings get closer to the target. Standing on your own feet, Pocket your dream, you are the champion.

2. One step better at managing money with loved ones to achieve dreams together

Collaboration can help you get closer to achieving your dreams. Depending on what dreams you want to achieve, you can establish financial collaborations with your beloved partner, family members and closest friends.

If previously you and your partner were confused about who should take care of the home savings, together with Jago both of you can manage finances using the Shared Pocket. Without the need to manually record shared financial targets, you and your partner can see the progress of your savings from the Jago application on your respective mobile phones.

It takes perseverance and loyalty in achieving a shared dream. However, managing finances together makes things easier. You and your partner are one step ahead of achieving targets and fulfilling dreams together.

3. One step better at chasing dreams through additional income

Some dreams take years to achieve. But, don't let the dreams that seem impossible to achieve make you discouraged.

You can live your retirement life comfortably without burdening your children and grandchildren. You can send your children to the highest level of education there is. You can have a vacation abroad every month after retirement. You can chase your future dreams, whatever they are. The key lies in the steps you take to get closer to your dreams.

One of them is by investing. Mutual fund investment can be a safe choice because it is not managed by just anyone. The composition of mutual funds is formulated by investment managers who are financial and investment experts. You can enjoy the return on investment over time.

With a return, you get additional income beyond the amount of money you invest. This extra income brings you closer to your dreams.

Jago has collaborated with the digital ecosystem through partnerships with financial applications such as Bibit and Stockbit, so you can invest easily, practically and without hassle.

By taking advantage of the Bibit Pocket, you can top up your Bibit account instantly without the need to switch applications. You can also enjoy continuous top-ups without having to pay any fees. In addition, you can plan your investment every month with the Auto Top Up feature. Want to monitor the performance of your investment? You can do it in the Jago application.

In addition to investing in mutual funds, to earn additional income you can also start trading in the capital market. For this you need an Investment Pocket (Customer Fund Account).

You can create an Investment Pocket if you already have an account on an investment platform that has partnered with Jago, such as Stockbit and Trimegah Sekuritas. The cool thing is, you can have more than 1 Investment Pocket.

It’s time for us to be the hero of our own dreams.

And, it’s time for us to take one step forward in the quest to achieve it. Jago, Jago Syariah and Jago Merchant will always be with you on your journey to achieve your dreams.

The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

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