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Giving Birth with Peace of Mind: Prepare the Funds in Sharia Deposit

deposito syariah jago pakai akad mudharabah sehingga cocok untuk tempat menabung biaya melahirkan sesuai prinsip syariah Giving Birth with Peace of Mind: Prepare the Funds in Sharia Deposit

Many things are done to welcome the arrival of the baby. One of the most important things is to prepare childbirth costs so that you can go through the pregnancy period worry-free and then give birth with peace of mind. How do you prepare funds for childbirth and where is the right place to save?

How to Prepare Funds for Childbirth

To be able to start preparing funds for the birth of your child, of course the first thing you need to do is choose a delivery method. The delivery methods that are generally chosen are a natural delivery method and a cesarean section. There is quite a big difference in price between these two delivery methods.

Apart from choosing the method of delivery, you and your partner also need to choose the hospital, type of room, obstetrician and various care needed. The care in question also include prenatal care and postnatal care.

When Should You Start Saving?

If the list has been made, the next question that arises is, when should you start preparing for childbirth costs? Saving time can be adjusted to suit each couple's preferences. However, the sooner the funds are prepared, the better and the less anxious you and your partner will be. You can have more time to save and ensure that the money has been saved according to the target.

Don't Forget to Prepare Emergency Funds, in Addition to Childbirth Funds

Apart from preparing savings for childbirth costs, there is one other thing that you should not forget because it is also important, namely emergency fund savings. As the name suggests, emergency fund savings will help you anticipate unexpected situations.

In relation to childbirth, events that may occur include the impossibility of giving birth normally due to interference. In this case, giving birth using a cesarean section will certainly cost more than a normal delivery process. If this happens, you can still give birth with peace of mind because emergency savings have been prepared.

The Sharia Deposit as a Place to Prepare for Childbirth Costs and Emergency Funds

If you are confident in your decision to give birth according to the delivery method you have chosen, you can start preparing the funds. As stated above, there is no harm in starting to save as early as possible. InsyaAllah, you can give birth free from worries because the funds are ready when the time comes to give birth to your baby.

Why choose the Sharia Deposit, a product from Bank Jago Syariah, as a place to prepare and save the childbirth funds and emergency funds?

1. The Sharia Deposit uses Mudharabah Muthlaqah akad

For Muslims, the way of saving money that can give peace of mind is saving that is in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic religion. The Sharia Deposit uses Mudharabah Muthlaqah akad, which provides profit sharing, so it is in accordance with sharia principles. Saving money in the Sharia Deposit according to the time period of your choice is now more blissful.

2. You can have up to 20 Sharia Deposits at the same time

By having a Jago Syariah account, you are free to open many Sharia Deposits. So, you can rest easy if you want to separate emergency fund savings and savings for the birth of your baby.

3. The Sharia Deposit can be withdrawn whenever necessary, including some time before labor takes place

Even though the baby's birth date can be predicted, don't forget the possibility of the baby being born sooner than the predicted date. If this happens, you don't need to panic because you can immediately withdraw your Sharia Deposit even though it hasn't reached its maturity date.

Likewise, if emergency funds are needed to handle unexpected events related to childbirth. Immediately withdraw the emergency funds you have saved in the Sharia Deposit. No need to worry, premature withdrawal of the Sharia Deposit is free of penalty fees.

4. Withdrawal of the Sharia Deposit for childbirth costs is quick and practical from the Jago application

Another benefit of preparing childbirth costs in a Sharia Deposit is that you can give birth without worry, thanks to the ease of the withdrawal process.

When you want to withdraw your Sharia Deposit, go directly to the Jago application. Select the Sharia Deposit you want to withdraw and confirm. The funds you save in the Sharia Deposit will be immediately disbursed to your Main Pocket. The withdrawn Sharia Deposit will be automatically closed

5. The Sharia Deposit provides prorate profit sharing even if it is withdrawn prematurely

What other benefit can be enjoyed by preparing childbirth costs in the Sharia Deposit? Apart from being able to withdraw it whenever needed, you will still get a profit share. Of course, the amount of the profit sharing will be adjusted according to how long you save the money in the Sharia Deposit until it is finally withdrawn.

Can't wait to become parents? Time to start saving for childbirth costs. InsyaAllah, the labor process will go smoothly and you can go through it blissfully because you already have sufficient funds, which are saved in the right place.

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