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Secure Transactions at Bank Jago: Full Control of Debit Card Use is in Your Hands

bersama bank jago transaksi aman karena kamu bisa kontrol penggunaan kartu debit dari aplikasi jago Secure Transactions at Bank Jago: Full Control of Debit Card Use is in Your Hands

Shopping, buying food and drinks, and completing payments are indeed more fun using a debit card. Apart from being fast and practical, using a debit card frees you from the hassle of carrying lots of cash. You don’t even have to think about how much cash to bring.

Moreover, by using the Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card, more benefits are available as you can minimize and prevent crazy shopping or overspending by linking your card to the right Pocket as a source of funds.

For shopping needs and hunting for big discounts, take the budget that has been allocated to the Shopping Pocket. To satisfy your stomach with delicious food, take money from the Food Pocket. There's no need to worry if you only have 1 Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card because you can change the Pocket linked to the card whenever needed.

What's even better is that the Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card can also be used when traveling abroad. Simply tap the debit card on a machine that uses the convenience of Visa PayWave technology, wait until the payment is successful then immediately lift the card. You don't need to enter your card PIN, so it's more practical. If the merchant where you shop or buy something cannot accept PayWave payments, you can still swipe your Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card by entering your PIN as usual.

The Security of Transactions with the Jago Visa Debit Card is in Your Control

You can enjoy shopping at home and abroad while maintaining transaction security to the fullest because you yourself are in full control over the use of your debit card.

What can you control directly?

atur limit dan opsi semua jenis transaksi untuk kartu debit visa jago langsung dari aplikasi

1. If you are not traveling abroad, limit card access to transactions at international merchants

The best preventative step you can take to avoid suspicious transactions made at international merchants is to disable the International Payments option.

Click your debit card in the Jago application via the Card menu at the bottom then select the Settings option. Disable the International Payments option in the card settings. If you have plans to travel abroad, don't forget to activate the International Payments option so that your Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card can be used.

2. Activate or deactivate transaction types as you want

Not just for overseas transactions, you can also activate or deactivate transaction types according to your needs. If you prefer to swipe your card on the EDC machine to make payments rather than tapping your card on the payWave machine, then you can disable payments via payWave.

What types of transactions can you activate and deactivate as you want? Apart from payWave transactions, there are also online transactions and cash withdrawal transactions at ATMs. See the visual above for the full options.

3. Set a daily limit for each type of transaction as you want

For each type of transaction that can be carried out using the Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card, you have the freedom to determine the maximum daily limit.

For example, for online transactions with a debit card, you can set the limit to only Rp100,000 per day. If your purchase exceeds Rp100,000, the transaction will be automatically rejected. Not only is it safer, setting daily transaction limits also helps you control your expenses so you don't waste money.

But of course, even though you can set the limit as you want, the daily maximum limit still applies for each type of transaction, according to Bank Jago policy. This is done to protect against misuse of your Jago/Jago Syariah account and to prevent crime.

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Any Suspicious Transactions from Your Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card? Keep Calm and Do This

If you find a transaction carried out using your debit card even though you never thought you had made the transaction, then this transaction is a suspicious transaction.

Don't worry if you find a suspicious transaction because you can immediately submit a transaction dispute via the Jago application.

How to dispute transactions via the Jago application

sanggah transaksi mencurigakan dari aplikasi jago demi keamanan
  1. In the Jago application, click on the suspicious transaction.
  2. Once the transaction details appear, click the three dots at the top right.
  3. Select Dispute Transaction.
  4. Bank Jago will receive the transaction dispute report and conduct an investigation. If the transaction is proven and can be classified as fraudulent, the customer's money will be returned.

Apart from disputing transactions, you can also report transactions by contacting Tanya Jago via various available channels.

Bank Jago Offers 2 Types of Debit Cards, Choose What You Want

With Jago, you can manage your expenses and transactions the way you want.

Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card: Physical and digital versions

For online shopping, it may be more practical to make payments using a digital debit card. If you are at the mall or traveling abroad, of course it will be more practical to complete transactions using a physical debit card. But it all comes back to yourself.

Choose the type of debit card that suits you and request it directly from the Jago application. Even for Jago physical debit cards, you can create them via the Jago application and wait for the cards to be delivered to your address.

Bank Jago debit card fees

You may be wondering, how much does it cost to have a Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card? Don't worry, it's free. You can also enjoy more free quota for making debit cards, both physical debit cards and digital debit cards, by being at a higher Account Level (for Jago), and check the Account Level requirements here (for Jago Syariah).

It's time to buy anything you love without worry and according to the budget you have set yourself using the Jago/Jago Syariah Visa Debit Card from now on. Don't have a Jago/Jago Syariah account yet? Register first via the Jago application. Once registration is complete, you can immediately request a debit card, also from the Jago application.

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