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Bank Jago Share Smart Money Management Tips to Surabaya Students

Bank Jago Share Smart Money Management Tips to Surabaya Students Download image

Surabaya, May 7, 2024 - PT Bank Jago Tbk, a technology-based bank embedded in the digital ecosystems, collaborated with KONTAN to provide financial education through a public lecture session titled "Optimizing Your Career Path with Smart Financial Choices" at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at Universitas Airlangga on Tuesday (7/5/2024).

The speakers at the public lecture that attended by hundreds of students included Bank Jago's Value Proposition Manager Muhammad Pandu, Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya Lecturer Ninnasi Muttaqin, and Career & HR content creator Yova Shera Sianturi.

Ninnasi Muttaqin, who is also a financial planner, highlighted several financial issues that often hinder or even derail the success of young generations. These issues include a lack of financial knowledge and planning, making hasty financial decisions without careful thought, consumerism, unwise spending habits, and lack of awareness about financial risks.

"For this reason, it is important for young people to be financially literate. Learn to manage finances well by setting priorities or goals early on. Start by thinking positively about money, then begin investing in yourself, and importantly, be wise in choosing your lifestyle and social circles," Ninnasi explained.

Muhammad Pandu conveyed similar sentiments. Based on a survey conducted by Bank Jago with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), several common issues among respondents were identified. "These include running out of money before the end of the month, expenses exceeding income, and the dilemma of whether having money first or managing money first," he revealed.

Addressing these issues, Pandu continued, Bank Jago has designed app-based products and services embedded into the digital ecosystem and adaptable to various life needs. The Jago App also has "Kantong" (Pockets) features and financial reports that not only help users manage their finances systematically but also cultivate a disciplined budgeting culture.

"Everyone has different life needs and their own ways of managing finances. That's why the Jago App is designed to allow customers to easily and seamlessly customize their financial solutions. Since the Jago App is connected to the digital ecosystem’s power, such as Gopay, Gojek, Tokopedia, as well as investment platforms, Bibit and Stockbit," Pandu elaborated.

According to Bank Jago's research, there are four levels of financial maturity based on one's financial focus. The first level is financial security, which is being financially secure enough to cover basic personal needs, such as food, housing rent, or paying for electricity and phone bills.

The second level is financial resilience, which means having better financial resilience because the income not only covers daily needs but also provides emergency funds for unexpected events.

"The next level is financial control, which means having your own income and no longer relying on others, usually starting to have long-term savings," Pandu explained.

The final level is financial freedom, which means being financially free. "At this level, financial issues are generally resolved, there is a retirement fund, and you can make those around you happy," he concluded.

In addition to financial issues, Yova Shera Sianturi also discussed several challenges students face when entering the workforce. She emphasized the importance of students not only focusing on academics but also actively learning various skills required by employers.

"Most companies don't care about your GPA, but what skills you can contribute," Yova stated.

Yova added that there are three main skills every student must learn and possess to succeed in their career. First, effective communication skills. Second, adaptability to rapid changes. Third,critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. "Besides the top three skills, experiences cannot be fake," she concluded.

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