Events Jakarta, Indonesia - February 22, 2022

Bank Jago Launches Banking Application Specifically for Sharia Segment

Bank Jago Launches Banking Application Specifically for Sharia Segment Download image

Jakarta, February 22, 2022 - PT Bank Jago Tbk officially launched a Sharia application today. By adopting the latest technology and emphasizing Sharia financial principles, the Jago Syariah App features focus on everyday life (life-centric finance solutions) and make financial management easier, collaborative, and innovative.

This innovation is designed because Sharia banking products are still not equivalent to conventional products in terms of technology and transaction features, thus not yet being the primary choice for the Indonesian community, which is predominantly comprised of more than 230 million Muslims.

Karim Siregar, President Director of Bank Jago, revealed, "The Jago Syariah app is here to address the pain points of the Sharia segment, which requires products and services equivalent to conventional banking. With equal features and technology, customers have a preference for enjoying digital financial solutions to be served in a Sharia manner."

The Jago Syariah application is designed as a personal application that makes financial management easier and just as sophisticated as the conventional Jago application. "In terms of features, the Jago Syariah App has the same features as the conventional Jago App, such as Pockets with Wadiah principle, which make it easier for us to manage finances for each goal. This is done so that funds for each goal are not mixed, and we can more easily achieve the desired financial goals," said Roy Iskandar, Head of Sharia Business.

In addition, the Jago Syariah Application also has other advantages. "With the Shared Pockets feature and Plan Ahead feature, it helps us manage routine transactions by planning them earlier, such as monthly bills, top-ups, and money transfers. Furthermore, we can collaborate with family, relatives, or friends in managing finances. The Jago Syariah app is also integrated with the digital ecosystem, including Gojek, GoPay, and Bibit," added Roy.

Through the presence of the Jago Syariah App, Bank Jago also aims to contribute to accelerating financial inclusion and financial literacy in the underserved Sharia segment (unbanked and underbanked), thus advancing the economy and the Sharia financial industry.

"Through this innovation, we also hope that customers can come one step closer to reaching a blessed life," concluded Karim.

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