Events Jakarta, Indonesia - May 28, 2024

CEO of DKatalis Unveils the Advantages of Bank Jagos AI at Google Cloud Summit

CEO of DKatalis Unveils the Advantages of Bank Jagos AI at Google Cloud Summit Download image

Jakarta, 28 May 2024 - Karim Siregar, Co-founder of Bank Jago and CEO of DKatalis Digital Lab, detailed the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) technology used by Bank Jago at the Google Cloud Summit 2024, held at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Hotel, Jakarta, on Tuesday (28/05/2024).

Karim Siregar stated that as a tangible manifestation of Bank Jago's aspiration to enhance the growth of millions through life-focused digital financial solutions, Bank Jago as a technology-based bank (tech-based bank), leverages AI in the development of its banking products and services.

"As a tech-based bank, Jago emphasizes collaboration and partnership within the digital ecosystem. In developing our products and services, we use data and analytics as the foundation," Karim explained.

In its operations, Bank Jago leverages AI technology in the development of its app-based banking products and services, both conventional and Sharia-based. The goal is to ensure that the Jago App can be used and accessed easily and securely by all segments of society, from retail and mass market to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Since 2021, Bank Jago has developed the Jago App designed to be embedded in various digital ecosystems, customizable and personalized to be compatible with ecosystem player technologies and the needs of each individual customer. The Jago App utilizes cutting-edge technology, including AI, built from scratch independently, allowing the Jago App to be accessed more quickly, efficiently, customizable to needs, and prioritizing customer security.

So far, Bank Jago has successfully served 11.1 million customers, including 9 million funding customers through the Jago App. In line with the increasing number of customers, Bank Jago has raised Third-Party Funds (DPK) totaling IDR 13.2 trillion, comprising 63% or IDR 8.3 trillion in current account and savings account (CASA) and the remaining 37% or IDR 4.9 trillion in deposits. In terms of loan, Bank Jago has disbursed loans amounting to IDR 14.3 trillion, growing over 200% since December 2021.

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