Events Jakarta, Indonesia - April 29, 2024

Strengthening Relationships, Bank Jago Held Halalbihalal with Senior Editors

Strengthening Relationships, Bank Jago Held Halalbihalal with Senior Editors Download image

Jakarta, 29 April 2024 - PT Bank Jago Tbk, a technology-based bank embedded in the digital ecosystem, held a Halalbihalal and networking event to strengthen collaboration with senior media editors at Bank Jago's headquarters on Monday (04/29/2024).

The Halalbihalal was attended by the board of directors and commissioners, as well as senior leaders of Bank Jago. Also present was Karim Siregar, CEO of DKatalis Digital Lab, as a strategic partner of Bank Jago.

During the Halalbihalal, Bank Jago's Head of Culture, Communication, and Sustainability, Maya Kartika, expressed her appreciation for the media's role in reporting on Bank Jago's contributions in enhancing growth opportunities for millions through personalized digital financial solutions to customer needs

“Thank you for the support from our media partners who have contributed alongside Bank Jago to create a positive impact on society, especially in improving financial literacy and inclusion,” said Maya.

On the same occasion, Bank Jago's President Director, Arief Harris Tandjung, also presented various achievements and the consistent growth of Bank Jago in the first quarter of 2024. “As of Q1 2024, Bank Jago has maintained healthy growth momentum, particularly in third-party fund collection (DPK), the number of customers, and credit distribution,” he said.

As of March 2024, 1.1 million people have used Bank Jago's products and services, including 9 million funding customers using the Jago App. The number of Jago App users increased by 76% compared to the end of March 2023, which had 5.1 million customers. This increase in the number of customers had a positive impact on DPK, reaching IDR 13.2 trillion, growing 42% from IDR 10.1 trillion in the same period last year.

“All of this is due to Bank Jago's efforts in ensuring the bank's fundamentals are always healthy through innovation and collaboration with digital ecosystems such as GoTo, Bibit/Stockbit, and BFI Finance,” he explained.

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