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Serving GoBiz Business Partners, Bank Jago Collaborates with GoTo Financial

Serving GoBiz Business Partners, Bank Jago Collaborates with GoTo Financial Download image

Jakarta, August 9, 2022 - With the purpose to expand financial access for the Indonesian community, especially MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), PT Bank Jago Tbk opens access for business partners who are part of the GoBiz application, part of the GoTo Group, the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia with 15.1 million business partners.

"The main goal of this collaboration is to provide financial services with as much added value as possible for business players. We want to play an active role in accelerating the growth of Indonesia's digital economy and contribute to post-pandemic economic recovery efforts, especially for the MSME, retail, and mass market segments," said Bank Jago's President Director, Karim Siregar.

According to him, the collaboration between the Jago application and GoBiz stems from the shared aspirations of Bank Jago and GoTo Financial to enhance growth opportunities for business players through financial solutions focused on their lives.

Quoting the research findings of the Demographic Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (2021), one of the main benefits perceived by MSMEs from partnerships with GoFood is the ease of operational management through the GoBiz application.

Vincent C. Soegianto, Head of Merchant Business at Bank Jago, stated that one of the challenges faced by micro and small business players in developing their businesses is good financial management. Some examples of challenges faced by MSMEs include separating business funds from personal funds, as well as consolidating sales proceeds that are often divided into various accounts.

"Therefore, we offer the Jago application which can be a supporting tool for them in managing their business finances more easily, collaboratively, and innovatively all within one application. Hopefully, they will become more adept at managing finances and developing their businesses," explained Vincent.

Through this collaboration, Vincent hopes that culinary business partners on GoBiz will find it easier to access banking services provided by Bank Jago, thus enabling them to manage their finances easily and comfortably.

Head of Merchant Platform at GoTo Financial, Novi Tandjung, added, "Through the collaboration between Bank Jago and GoTo Financial, we aim to provide various additional conveniences to support the productivity of business players so they can scale up their businesses."

In the initial stage, Novi continued, the collaboration in the Jago and GoBiz applications will be available to culinary business partners on GoBiz, which can later be expanded to a wider range of business partners within other GoTo Financial ecosystems.

GoBiz users can enjoy facilities such as administration fee waivers, free cash withdrawals at all ATMs, convenience transfers, and competitive savings interest rates. The collaboration of banking services in the Jago application with the GoBiz application is expected to provide additional value that can help improve operational efficiency for business players.

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