Press Release - July 05, 2021

Bank Jago and Bibit Collaborations Makes Investing is More Accessible

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Deep integration between a tech-based bank with APERD online accelerates capital market inclusion in Indonesia


JAKARTA, 5 July 2021 - PT Bank Jago Tbk (Jago) has entered into a strategic partnership with PT Bibit Tumbuh Bersama (Bibit) in providing seamless financial services. This in-depth collaboration between Jago, a technology-based bank, and Bibit, a digital Mutual Fund Selling Agent (APERD), makes money and investment management simple, fast and seamless.  The integration of the Jago and Bibit applications also enables consumers to be more disciplined in planning their future through investment.

This collaboration allows millions of Bibit users to instantly open a bank account with Jago and better manage their finances through the Bibit app. The account opening process will be carried out digitally (e-kyc) aligned with bank know-your-customer standards. "Deep integration of Jago and Bibit is the manifestation of Jago's aspiration as a technology-based bank that is able to be embedded in digital ecosystems. Through this collaboration, we want to bring new experience to our customers in enjoying our digital financial solutions and to invest wisely,” said Bank Jago President Director Kharim Siregar.

Sigit Kouwagam, CEO of Bibit said that the deep integration between bank and digital APERD will give a lot of added value to the users. In this context, the collaboration will enable users to seamlessly and automatically buy mutual funds at Bibit app by debiting their Jago’s account. “Jago and Bibit innovation doesn’t only make investing simpler and faster, but also more efficient and practical. More than that, this collaboration will spur a new culture, in which users will be more disciplined in money and investment management and the good thing is, it can be done through one application. We are very excited to start this journey in bringing our services to a higher level,” said Sigit. 

“Jago and Bibit collaboration features are not only enabling users to instantly open bank accounts or auto-debit to buy mutual funds, but also let them optimize other exciting features to have a fun experience in investing,” added Kharim. 

Sigit is optimistic this breakthrough is relevant to what Bibit users, who are mostly millennial and digital-savvy generations, need. These generations always favor fast, simple, safe and efficient services. Simple and fast is reflected in the ability to complete transactions without having to switch the applications. Moreover, transactions can be done automatically and on a scheduled basis. The more seamless, the more preferred by the millennials. 

The other benefit for the users is there is no transaction fee charged for purchasing mutual funds at Bibit using a Jago account. “In addition, since both applications are connected, the users will receive notifications on their Jago app whenever they receive funds from their transaction on the Bibit app. For the users to use this feature, just make sure to update the latest version of Bibit app," said Sigit.

In particular, for Bank Jago, this integration opens up opportunities to increase the number of customers as Bibit’s current customers have reached more than one million. “Through adoption of the latest technology and the ability to be embedded in the ecosystem, Jago is able to grow inorganically. This integration enables us to reach a wider range of customers,” added Kharim.

Indonesia’s mutual fund industry is still in the early stage and has a big room for growth. Only 2% of its total productive-age population has entered the capital market. The participation rate is relatively low compared to other emerging countries in Asia. 

“Since we created the blueprint, Bibit’s aspirations have always been to democratize the capital market. We aim to position the capital market as inclusive as possible, by which people across all walks of life can benefit from economic growth in the form of better welfare. This in-depth collaboration with Jago will support us in achieving our future aspiration," said Sigit. 

A number of exciting features integration between Jago and Bibit will continue to bring new experiences to consumers and address common pain points of users of both banking and investment services. "This is just the initial stage of the Jago and Bibit collaboration. Various innovative products and features will be available in the near future. This is our commitment to continuously provide products and services that are relevant to the needs of our customers. In addition, we will collaborate with other digital ecosystem players in expanding access to finance, while at the same time, realizing Jago's aspirations," Kharim concluded. 

"Semua Jadi Jago Investasi”


Bank Jago at a glance

Established in Bandung (1992) under the name PT Bank Artos Indonesia (Bank Artos). After serving customers for more than 27 years with conventional banking products, in 2019 Bank Artos started a new era by having PT Metamorfosis Ekosistem Indonesia (MEI) and Wealth Track Technology Limited (WTT) as the new shareholders after acquired Bank Artos shares of 37.65% (MEI) and 13.35% (WTT).

After the Phase II Limited Public Offering (PUT), the total ownership of MEI and WTT became 41.49%. The entry of institutional investors strengthens Bank Jago in providing the best financial solutions by creating innovations. Gojek, through its payments and financial services arm, GoPay (PT Dompet Karya Anak Bangsa) at 21.40%, and GIC Pte at 9.12%.

Through its financial products and services that optimizes technology, Bank Jago aspires to be an innovative strong tech-based bank embedded in digital ecosystems, to fulfill the needs of consumers (retail), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and mass market segments.


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Bibit at a glance

Bibit is a mutual fund investment application to help investors start growing without commission fees. Currently Bibit is the leading Robo-advisory platform in Indonesia which is under the supervision of the OJK as a Mutual Fund Selling Agent (APERD).


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