Press Release - December 22, 2021

Bank Jago Offers Simple and Real Time Customer Fund Account (RDN) Service for Investors

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Investors are able to open trading account and Bank Jago RDN swiftly without minimum balance.


Jakarta, 22 December 2021 – The number of Indonesian investors rose rapidly during the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. Capital market investors stood at 7.1 million as of November 2021, adding 3.3 million investors or 84.3% compared to the figure at the end of 2020, Indonesia Central Securities Depository (KSEI) data showed.

The same data revealed that 81.3% of the investors were those aged below 40 years old or categorized as millennials, who tend to demand for simple and fast financial services.

The high demand for simple and fast financial services, especially at the capital market, encourages PT Bank Jago Tbk to launch its customer fund account (RDN) service on Thursday, 23 December 2021. Bank Jago has obtained the approval to be an RDN bank after the signing of a cooperation agreement with KSEI on 15 December 2021.

Through its simple and real time service, Bank Jago RDN service will be able to contribute in boosting the growth of capital market investors whose current demography is dominated by millennials. The investors could enjoy new experience in stock investing through the RDN opening process that is simple, fast and without minimum balance.

President Director of KSEI Uriep Budhi Prasetyo warmly welcomed the partnership with Bank Jago. “The presence of Bank Jago RDN service will help encourage the growth of investors in the country as the people at the time need simpler and faster investment services. With the inclusion of Bank Jago, the number of KSEI RDN administrator banks reaches 17 banks,” he said.

Uriep expressed hope that Bank Jago RDN service could accelerate investor number growth in the future. KSEI expected the number of securities companies that collaborated with Bank Jago to increase, especially in efforts to speed up account opening through electronic processes in this digital era. Further, he also expected Bank Jago to take part in efforts to increase investors’ awareness toward KSEI AKSES service that functions as investor protection infrastructure. Such a service can be accessed through the banking network since 2014.

Following KSEI’s approval, Bank Jago RDN service can already be used by the customers of several securities companies cooperating with the bank, including Mahakarya Artha Sekuritas (Stockbit) and Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia. Customers can even open a Bank Jago RDN account directly when opening a trading account on Stockbit app.

“The essence of Bank Jago RDN service is safe, simple and real time because investors can enjoy a seamless experience during the account opening and transaction. The process is swift because the opening of the trading account, Bank Jago RDN account and Bank Jago savings account can be done all at once on Stockbit app,” said President Director of Bank Jago Kharim Siregar.

As a bank that puts life-centricity in the first place, Bank Jago offers the RDN service to assist its customers to be better at investing. The RDN account opening \does not require any minimum deposit amount so that everyone can start investing in stocks immediately. Investors will also get more benefit as Bank Jago gives an attractive interest rate for balance deposited in the RDN accounts.

Further, investors can easily top up their investment fund in real time, anytime, and anywhere by moving their money from their main Pocket to the RDN Pocket in the Jago app.

New investors who want to experience the Bank Jago RDN, can download Stockbit app and follow the registration process. When reaching the step of choosing the RDN bank, select Jago and follow the rest of the process. Once the registration is completed, customers can use their Stockbit trading accounts and Bank Jago RDN accounts for stock investing.



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