Press Release - November 02, 2021

Fintamin, Nutrition for Personal and Family Financial Health

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JAKARTA, November 2, 2021 – Financial management is one of the problems faced by most Indonesians. This is reflected in the 2020 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) survey results which showed that as many as 46% of respondents in Indonesia acknowledged that their emergency funds could only last for one week.

Answering financial challenges that are often faced by the Indonesian people, Bank Jago launched an education program called Fintamin. Derived from the word Financial Vitamin, Fintamin is a series of “nutrients” that will help people to maintain their personal and family financial health and resilience.

During the process of formulating Fintamin, Bank Jago collaborated with a number of financial experts, such as Philip Mulyana, Annisa Steviani, Samuel Ray, Dani Rachmat, and Ferdie Darmawan. Bank Jago also conducted a survey to find out the people's habits and challenges in managing finances. From the discussions and the survey, it is concluded that   some of the big issues they are facing are having many financial burdens as sandwich generation, not having good financial control, and low level of financial literacy.

“As a life-centric finance solution, Bank Jago continues to strive to understand the various financial pain points in the community, including the financial challenges that are often experienced in their daily lives. We believe that Fintamin will ease people’s learning process to improve their financial health. Just like maintaining one’s endurance, the consumption of Fintamin needs to be done regularly and consistently. Moreover, when it is collaborated with the use of features in the Jago apps, this will enable users to make financial planning in a fun, easy, innovative and collaborative way with family and loved ones." said Andy Djiwandono – Head of Product and Marketing at Bank Jago. 

Philip Mulyana, a financial advisor and financial coach who helped formulate Fintamin, said: “To me, Fintamin’s approach is very interesting and easy to implement in daily life, the formula will help many Indonesians in managing their daily financial challenges. It is not easy to achieve an ideal financial state, thus it is crucial to start managing your finances as early as possible. Unfortunately, most people tend to delay the process. They think they need to wait until they have enough money to start their financial management journey. If we start early then we will have a more optimal result. We can start by doing a self-assessment of our finances. Everyone has their own way in managing financial struggles. This is exactly like Fintamin, in that each has different benefits, depending on life stages.” 

Fintamin A to K consists of six important nutrients, namely: Analyzing expenses, Budgeting, Check and balance expenses religiously, Disciplined in saving and investing, Explore Extra Skills & Income for The Future, Kindred Spirit in Financial Management. Jago application enables users to implement Fintamin regularly and disciplined. Customers can optimize its features such as Jago pockets and also its collaborations with Bibit and Gojek. It will help to maintain the health and financial resilience of the users.

“Jago is a tech-based bank, embedded in the Indonesian digital ecosystem, targeting the middle and mass market. Jago aims to enhance the growth of millions through life-centric, digital finance solutions. Jago is committed to supporting a generation that is capable of managing finances, thus Semua Jadi Jago. Therefore, through the Fintamin program we will conduct a series of educational activities on managing finances by collaborating with various communities ranging from parenting, MSMEs to millennials. In addition, we will hold various interesting activities on our social media. We hope to reach millions of Indonesians through digital financial solutions to help them achieve optimal financial health,” Andy concluded.



Bank Jago in brief

It started in Bandung in 1992 under the name PT Bank Artos Indonesia (Bank Artos). After serving the society for more than 27 years through conventional banking products, in 2019 Bank Artos entered a new era with the entrance of PT Metamorfosis Ekosistem Indonesia (MEI) and Wealth Track Technology Limited (WTT) as the new controlling shareholders after acquiring Bank Artos shares of MEI (37,65%) and WTT (13,35%).

After the Limited Public Offering (PUT) phase II, the total ownership of MEI and WTT was 41.49%. The entrance of institutional investors strengthens Bank Jago in providing the best financial solutions by continuing to innovate. Gojek through its financial services and digital payment business GoTo Financial, as well as GIC Pte.

Bank Jago was developed as a strong and innovative technology-based bank which was ready to serve the needs of customers in the Retail (Consumer), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME or SME) market segment, and Mass Market, through banking products and services embedded in an ecosystem by optimizing technology.


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