Press Release - February 22, 2022

Jago Launches Sharia Banking Application

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Jago Syariah app is designed as a life-centric finance solution which fulfills the customers’ needs who want to have sharia digital banking products and services that are as advanced as those of conventional banks.


Jakarta, 22 February 2022 – PT Bank Jago Tbk has been observing customers’ high demand toward sharia banking services since the launch of its Jago app in April 2021. It notices that people want sharia banking products and services which are reliable with a quality that is on par with those of conventional banks, especially in terms of technology and transaction features.

Despite being a home of more than 230 million Moslems, Indonesia still faces a situation where sharia banking products and services have yet to become the customers’ main preference in terms of financial services, lagging behind conventional banks’ products and services.

According to the Indonesia Banking Statistics published by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as of November 2021, sharia banking assets reached IDR 646 trillion or only 6.5% of the total banking industry’s assets of IDR 9,913.7 trillion. Meanwhile sharia banks’ third-party funds amounted to just IDR 512.8 trillion or 7% of the industry’s IDR 7,323.4 trillion.

Hence Bank Jago launched the Jago Syariah app with the aspiration that the app can be a positive catalyst to boost Indonesia’s economic growth, the sharia financial industry as well as the sharia banking industry’s contribution toward the national banking industry.

“Digitization will improve service quality for the customers while deepening our market share. We believe the presence of sharia banking applications will have positive impacts in boosting the sharia economy’s contribution to the national economy as a whole,” said President Director of Bank Jago Kharim Siregar.

Jago Syariah app is designed to be a personal application which makes financial management simple, collaborative and innovative. The app allows customers to experience superior features and innovations, such as Pockets (Kantong) with wadiah contract (akad wadiah) and integration with various digital ecosystems, including Gojek, GoPay and Bibit, with technology that is as advanced as that of conventional Jago app.

“With the Jago Syariah app, we are determined to realize our great aspiration in encouraging the sharia segment’s growth through life-centric digital finance solutions. We are grateful that today we have made it,” said Kharim.

Bank Jago believes that the Jago Syariah app does not only offer a new experience for existing customers but also becomes a breakthrough in accelerating financial inclusion and literacy in the sharia segmen, which currently are still underserved.

“With Jago Syariah’s life-centric design and functions, which include unique collaborative features, the customers will be one step ahead in achieving their dreams. So mari melangkah penuh berkah bersama Jago Syariah,” Kharim concluded.




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