Press Release - April 15, 2021

Bank Jago Launches its Life-Centric Digital App

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Adopting leading-edge tech capability, Jago App is designed as a life-centric digital financial solution, that enables consumers to live their lives to the fullest.

Jakarta, April 15, 2021 - PT Bank Jago Tbk today launches a smartphone app that makes money management simple, collaborative and innovative.  Because of its life-centric design, including novel collaboration features unique in financial services, the app enables consumers to live their lives to the fullest, together with their family and friends.

The launch of the app is an important milestone towards the achievement of Jago’s aspiration to enhance the growth of millions through life-centric digital financial solutions.  “Life-centricity is key for us,” said Bank Jago President Director Kharim Siregar. 

Kharim explains people have so many dreams and aspirations, both large and small; so many things play a role in their lives.  It is those things that should come first; money is only a means to an end.  “That is why we put you before your money.  And that is why we see our app as a Life Finance Solution--simple, collaborative, and innovative money management, that puts Life first and Finance second.”

All of this is reflected in the novel features of the Jago app.  “People told us they want simple ways of allocating money to different purposes, such as groceries, transportation, educating their children, entertainment, long-term savings.  That is why we introduced Pockets: Jago users can set up different Pockets for different purposes in seconds, and conveniently move their money between these Pockets,” says Peter van Nieuwenhuizen, Director of Digital Banking.  “It’s like the digital equivalent of the ‘amplop system’ that so many people have used for years.”

To make this even more powerful, users are able to securely share selected Pockets with family and friends, to enable collaboration on financial matters.  For instance, a group of friends might jointly save up for a trip; members of an arisan may together manage their group’s finances; and spouses may be given access to Pockets for grocery shopping.  “Again and again we heard people saying that they live their lives as part of various communities, very much socially connected to family and friends, but that somehow banks only really deal with individuals--we are changing that once and for all, introducing social, collaborative money management,” explained Peter.

Jago can deliver innovative features like this because of its modern technology.  From the outset, Jago is being set up as a strong tech-based bank embedded in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem. “We built our solution from the ground up using the latest technology available; this allows us to innovate quickly, and also makes our systems highly available, scalable, and secure,” Kharim added.

Jago's modern tech also makes its app fast and responsive. Even more, it allows users to personalized the features relevant to their needs and personality. “We always believe that each customer is unique. They have different needs and each customer has his/her own character. Therefore, we design the Jago app as a personalized application which can be customized with the users’ characters from the interface to choices of features. We want to bring new experience to our customers in enjoying our digital financial solutions by always upholding customer centric principle,” Peter said.

Jago’s modern technology also facilitates rapid and safe integration with a variety of ecosystem partners, using APIs. Its partnership with Gojek, a leading player in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem, was announced last December. “A number of exciting product integrations between Gojek and Jago are at an advanced stage. They will be made available to the general public soon,” said Kharim.

Peter explains that these integrations will greatly contribute to customer convenience, addressing common pain points of users of both banking and electronic money services.  “More generally, collaboration with a range of ecosystem partners will bring convenience to consumers, while also linking back to the concept of life-centricity: by infusing Jago’s financial services into a variety of life(style) services, people can more easily focus on the things they value most in their lives. It will also positively contribute to financial inclusion, financial literacy as well as strengthening the foundations of the digital economy,” Peter added.

"We trust massive COVID-19 vaccination will spark economic growth; nevertheless we expect our customers' increased use of digital financial services to continue after the pandemic, rather than returning to pre-crisis behaviours. Our society is now more familiar with digital technology (tech-savvy), especially in fulfilling their daily needs.  In this context we feel that our Jago App comes at the right time. And by further rapid innovation of life-centric features, we will enable the Indonesian consumer to live life to the fullest, together with their family and friends. Now, Tomorrow, Together,” Kharim concludes. 

“Semua Jadi Jago.”



Bank Jago in brief

Established in Bandung (1992) under the name PT Bank Artos Indonesia (Bank Artos). After serving customers for more than 27 years with conventional banking products, in 2019 Bank Artos started a new era by having PT Metamorfosis Ekosistem Indonesia (MEI) and Wealth Track Technology Limited (WTT) as the new shareholders after acquired Bank Artos shares of 37.65% (MEI) and 13.35% (WTT).

After the Phase II Limited Public Offering (PUT), the total ownership of MEI and WTT became 41.49%. The entry of institutional investors strengthens Bank Jago in providing the best financial solutions by creating innovations. Gojek, through its payments and financial services arm, GoPay (PT Dompet Karya Anak Bangsa) at 21.40%, and GIC Pte at 9.12%.

Through its financial products and services that optimizes technology, Bank Jago aspire to be an innovative strong tech-based bank embedded in digital ecosystems, to fulfill the needs of consumers (retail), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and mass market segments.

Further information:

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Corporate Communication

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