Daftar Jago


You only need e-KTP to open a Jago account

Prepare Your ID Card

Prepare your e-KTP, and NPWP if you have one. As required by the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan), Jago is required by law to validate your identity by reviewing your national ID (e-KTP)

Worry not, all your private datas are securely kept in accordance to regulations!

Jago Pocket

Now you can register to Jago by only taking a selfie (liveness).
Make sure you have enough lighting, stable internet connection, follow the instructions, and take a selfie slowly to successfully pass this process.

Jago Pocket

Use this option when your attempt to register via selfie has failed. Do prepare your ID card and other supporting documents to simplify the data verification process.

Jago Pocket


Once you click 'Take e-KTP Picture', your camera will open and you will see a white outline of where to place your e-KTP to take the photo.

  • Place the e-KTP on a flat, plain surface (suggest to place it on a plain-colored table or cloth, or on a white piece of paper)
  • Ensure good lighting, however position the camera so there is no glare on the e-KTP.

After submitting your e-KTP details, there are 2 final steps: first there is a short form to fill in some of your details, and then you will be directed to a video call with one of our agents. This video call is required for a physical person to validate who you are (and that someone is not using your identity).

This is a safety step used by many banking institutions, and is convenient because it eliminates any need to go into a physical branch. The call only takes 30 seconds.

  1. Have your physical e-KTP ready to show the call agent
  2. Ensure you have stable Wi-Fi or strong network signal
  3. Take off any mask or hat, and ensure you are in good lighting and ready to speak with the agent (if you are not ready, you may also select 'create schedule' to schedule a more convenient time)
  4. Enable browser mic and camera (click 'YES' to any prompt from your phone browser to enable microphone and camera), and turn up the volume on your device so you can hear the agent
  5. Please do not leave the screen that pops up for the video call and ensure your screen does not close or go to sleep. This process will only take 30 seconds. If you leave the screen to another browser window or app, this may cancel the call and you may need to try again.

What are the advantages of Jago ?

40 Pockets = 40 Accounts
All your financial needs in 1 app, manage your savings, spends, and transactions with 40 pockets, without any admin fee
Jago Visa Debit Card
Make a card from the app and sent to your door for you to do all your online and offline transactions, accepted anywhere in the world
Jago's digital ecosystem
Hassle free Gopay top ups, maintain your investment with autodebit to Bibit, and many other benefits of Jago's ecosystem
State of the art security
Transact safely with Jago's security system, 2FA authentications, facial recognition, PIN / password for your transactions

Require further assistance?

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Semua jadi Jago

Mulai hidup seutuhnya dengan keluarga dan kerabat.

Download aplikasi Jago, lalu pilih Jago atau Jago Syariah dan daftar akunnya lewat ponsel kamu

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Scan Kode QR di bawah ini dengan kamera ponselmu untuk menginstall Jago.