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Why is Moneyfesting with Family or Friends So Easy Using Jago Shared Pocket?

tabungan bersama yang mudah dan cepat dibuat tanpa biaya admin di kantong bersama bank jago Why is Moneyfesting with Family or Friends So Easy Using Jago Shared Pocket?

There are many kinds of financial goals or Moneyfesting. Some are individual or personal in nature, but there are also things that are more exciting if they can be planned, carried out and achieved with those closest to you such as family or friends. To start achieving shared goals such as holidays or traveling with friends or family, joint venture capital or business ventures with colleagues, Umrah with your beloved family and many more, you and they must save.

At Bank Jago, you don't need to save alone. Just the way you want, you can save with the people closest to you by opening a joint savings.

Can You Open a Joint Account at Bank Jago?

A joint account is a bank account opened with another person so that the name of the account owner will be more than 1 (reference: Liputan6). Currently, you cannot open a joint account at Bank Jago.

However, there's no need to worry, because you can open a joint savings as an alternative or solution. Through the Jago application, you can create a Shared Pocket and invite other people who are already Jago users to join the Pocket.

How Does Jago Shared Pocket Function as A Joint Savings?

The Shared Pocket is very fun to use as joint savings because there are many things you can set the way you want.

1. Set a joint savings target in the Shared Pocket

menabung di tabungan bersama lebih praktis di kantong bersama di aplikasi jago

Because there is a shared financial goal that you want to achieve, you and all of the Shared Pocket members can decide a savings target together. How much money should be saved? When must the savings target be achieved?

2. Set the contribution of each Shared Pocket member according to the savings target

kantong bersama sebagai tabungan bersama bank jago memungkinkan kamu dan anggota mengatur porsi menabung bersama

After the joint savings target is set, then you can set the contribution of each member. Are contributions divided equally automatically or determined manually. Make sure you and your Shared Pocket members have mutually agreed on the savings contribution from the start.

3. Set the roles of each member of the Shared Pocket according to agreement

Shared Pocket owners can set roles for each member. For example, some members can only view transactions in the Pocket. Some other members who besides being able to view transactions can also spend the money in the Pocket (later after the savings target is achieved).

In this way, transactions run smoothly and transparency is maintained according to each member's wishes because all members can see the transaction history of the Shared Pocket. 

Is It OK to Have 2 Different Savings Accounts?

At Bank Jago, you can have not just 2 savings accounts but multiple savings accounts based on your needs. Not just personal savings or accounts, but also joint savings. In other words, you can open more than 1 Shared Pocket in the Jago application.

1. Create Shared Pockets in the quantity you want

If there are several Moneyfesting that you want to achieve in the future, you can create several Shared Pockets. Members of one Shared Pocket may be different from another Shared Pocket, but they may also be the same. Do it the way you want.

2. Personalize each Shared Pocket the way you want

You can personalize each Shared Pocket by changing the Pocket name and adding an image. So personalize the Shared Pocket according to your financial goals. For example, you can have a Shared Pocket called "Holiday Together", "Umrah Together", "Business Joint Venture" and so on.

3. Each Shared Pocket created has its own account number

What's even better is that each Shared Pocket has its own account number. You can see in the Pocket details. What is the use of this account number? Later, when the joint savings has reached its target, you can change the function of the Shared Pocket from saving to spending. So, you can directly transfer or make payments from the Shared Pocket.

Meanwhile, to transfer money to the Shared Pocket, you and each member don't need to copy or remember the Pocket number. This is because the Shared Pocket will appear in the Jago application of each member who has joined the Pocket. In other words, just move money to the Shared Pocket from another Pocket that is the source of funds.

Creating multiple Pockets, including Shared Pockets, via the Jago application is free of monthly administration fees.

Is Joint Savings in Jago Shared Pocket Safe?

You can save with the people closest to you without worry because PT Bank Jago Tbk is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Bank Indonesia. Apart from that, PT Bank Jago Tbk is also an LPS guarantee participant.

If you want to know more about the Shared Pocket, you can read the Shared Pocket FAQ here.

So, which financial goals do you want to save money for with your beloved family or friends?

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