4 Biggest Benefits of Paying Bills On Time

18 October 2021

4 Biggest Benefits of Paying Bills On Time 4 Biggest Benefits of Paying Bills On Time

Life cannot be separated from the obligation to pay bills. Every month there must be bills that you have to pay, right? For example, there are electricity and internet bills as well as BPJS.

Have you always been on time or have you often delayed paying bills? Apparently, if you pay your bills on time, you can enjoy 4 main benefits. Read on to find out.

4 Biggest Benefits of Paying Bills On Time

1. No need to pay late payment fines

Late payments of bills may be subject to fines. It's a shame if you have to spend money on fines. Isn't it better to use the money to indulge in something delicious?

2. Disconnection won’t bother you

If you forget to pay the electricity bill, you will experience a power cut. This is not fun at all, especially when you are in the middle of finishing something that requires electricity. For those of you who run a business, a power cut may interrupt production and sales.

Another example is the internet. Not paying the internet bill until the specified time limit can result in a disconnection. This can be a problem when you have a deadline to meet or having a meeting with your boss, for example.

3. Money is safe to be spent on other needs

Like most people, your expenses are certainly not just bills. You have basic needs that must be met, such as daily food needs. In addition, there are many other needs, such as the need to have fun. Maybe you want to buy new clothes or pamper yourself at the spa.

There are also random needs that appear suddenly. You usually don't prepare money for needs like this.

If you have paid all the bills, both routine ones such as monthly electricity bills and non-routine ones such as credit card bills, the remaining money is safe to be used for anything as you please. 

4. Free from worry and stress

Life that is far from stressful is indeed beautiful. To be free from stress and worry, you need to pay all bills on time. As soon as the bills are paid, you don’t have any more debts within that month.

When you delay paying bills, the chances of you forgetting to pay increase. Not to mention, if the money has already been used for other purposes. You don't have money to pay bills. This is one source of stress that can actually be avoided.

Pay Bills On Time with Plan Ahead

Even though bills are not something you like, you still have to pay them to ensure all your needs are met properly.

So that you always pay bills on time without the hassle of making payments every month, you can use the Plan Ahead feature in the Jago application.

The Plan Ahead feature allows you to schedule bill payments, so you never forget to complete them. You can also set bill payments to be automatic according to the date you have set.

When the due date arrives, Jago will help you pay all the bills. When you arrange all bills to be paid through the Plan Ahead feature, Jago will not miss a single transaction.

Download the Jago application now and feel life starting to become lighter because you are no longer burdened with the obligation to pay bills.

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