e-Wallet Top-up is a Hassle to You? Let Jago Take Over

22 July 2021

Don’t Want the Hassle of e-Wallet Top-up? Just Leave It to Jago Don’t Want the Hassle of e-Wallet Top-up? Just Leave It to Jago

Shopping and snacking have become an inseparable part of everyday life. Especially in this day and age, shopping and snacking have been made easier by the presence of various online shops and restaurants. All you have to do is take your phone, choose what you want to buy or what food you want to eat, then pay. Shopping and snacking have become even easier since the existence of e-Wallet.

Jagoans who like shopping and snacking must have experienced what is called topping up an e-Wallet. Because you frequently shop and snack, the e-Wallet balance may run out very quickly. The hassle starts when you have to go back and forth to top up your e-Wallet.

Do you find yourself sighing reading this article? Worry not, because Jago is ready to make it hassle-free.

Hand Over the Hassle of e-Wallet Top-up to Jago

Don’t be surprised, because with Jago, the hassle of topping up your e-Wallet will disappear instantly. Umm, how so?

Because Jago is jago, as the name suggests, hehehe. In the Jago application, there is what is called the auto payment for topping up your e-Wallet. If you have opted for Jago to make an auto payment, it’s Jago who feels the hassle of transferring money to your digital wallet.

Now, you suddenly think of top-up admin fees. Other banks may charge you an admin fee every time you top up. With Jago, there is a free quota for e-Wallet top-ups. It’s super cool, isn’t it? No hassle, no admin fees.

Here’s how to top up your e-Wallet via the Jago application:

Cara Top Up e-Wallet lewat Jago
  1. Go to Pay & Send in the Home page.
  2. Choose New Contact.
  3. Choose e-Wallet.
  4. Choose which e-Wallet that you want to top up.
  5. Enter your e-Wallet number or choose from your phonebook, click Check, then Choose Next.
  6. Check the validity of the recipient, then tap Next.
  7. Input the amount and Choose Next.
  8. Review the top up summary, then Choose Top Up Now.

There is one more feature that Jago thinks you will really like. The name of the feature is “Plan Ahead”. If you take advantage of this feature, you can manage your finances in advance. So, it is immediately clear that e-Wallet top-up will be one of your expenses. It’s better if the money has been set aside early, so that you can indulge in shopping and snacking with peace of mind.

Ready to enjoy the convenience of topping up your e-Wallet balance? Download the Jago application now.

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