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Kajian Jago Syariah: How to Get Rich by Building the Right Saving and Spending Habits

cara menjadi kaya dengan jago atur uang sesuai prinsip syariah pakai banyak kantong jago syariah di aplikasi jago Kajian Jago Syariah: How to Get Rich by Building the Right Saving and Spending Habits

Many people want to get rich. But, some people who do it wrong. For example, getting rich quickly without working hard and managing your finances well. In fact, by building the right saving and spending habits, you can become rich. It's best if you start implementing proper saving and spending habits from a young age.

Becoming Rich in Islam

Building wealth or becoming rich is not prohibited in Islamic teachings. Many verses in the Qur'an discuss seeking sustenance in the world. However, there is something you need to remember, getting rich by collecting as much wealth as possible just to brag about it, show it off and spend it not for good purposes is not recommended (reference: Kanwil NTB - Kemenag RI).

How to Get Rich: Build the Right Saving & Spending Habits

If you want to be rich, you don't need to wait until later. Start doing the following right now.

1. Get used to a simple lifestyle and avoid wasting money

Islamic teachings strictly prohibit spending money irresponsibly. By avoiding bad spending habits and getting used to a simple lifestyle, you can start saving money. Read how to avoid wasting money and break bad spending habits in details in this article.

2. Budget regularly using multiple sharia bank accounts

Budgeting is a very important financial management habit to do. Not just occasionally but regularly. To make budgeting easier for you, you can use the Jago Syariah Saving Pocket and Spending Pocket with Wadiah akad. Wadiah akad, according to sharia principles, has the nature of a deposit and gives 0% interest.

Creating a Jago Syariah Pocket is the same as opening a sharia bank account. Separate funds for each expense either manually or automatically, starting from priority ones (including savings), into their respective Pockets. You can then allocate a proper budget for your wants, such as buying halal fashion products, enjoying a halal vacation, and so on.

3. Make payments or transactions using a debit card or QRIS

atur limit transaksi kartu debit jago syariah agar belanja tidak berlebih dan sesuai budget untuk menjadi kaya

Link a Pocket with a Jago Syariah debit card (Visa or GPN) or QRIS Jago Syariah when spending money. Make sure to link the right Pocket as the source of funds. For example, use a Self-Reward Pocket to treat yourself, not a Shopping Pocket that has a larger budget allocated to buy daily and monthly necessities.

The discipline of using the right Pocket as a source of funds helps control expenses and ultimately makes you have more savings to become rich.

4. Save money in the right place and according to sharia principles

[ui deposya]

To earn additional income from your savings, you can consider several sharia products. The Sharia Deposit in the Jago application, for example, offers profit sharing for the money you save since it uses Mudharabah Muthlaqah akad. The bigger your savings in the Sharia Deposit, the bigger the profit share you receive. Check the latest Sharia Deposit profit sharing ratio here.

Apart from the Sharia Deposit, you can consider sharia mutual fund products to get returns from investments. The Jago Syariah digital ecosystem with Bibit makes it easier for you to always be ahead in investing in sharia mutual fund products.

Top up your sharia mutual fund investment in Bibit via the Jago application. Likewise, when monitoring investment portfolios and disbursement of sharia mutual fund investments, everything can be done through the Jago application. To enjoy all these benefits, there is only one condition, link your Jago Syariah and Bibit accounts first.

5. Make savings starting from small things but have a big impact

Becoming rich can be done by saving more money. To be able to save more money, you can get around this by reducing expenses. There are many ways of saving money that seem simple but add up to a lot.

An example is when you no longer need to pay admin fees for your bank account. Having a Jago Syariah account, you can have multiple accounts without monthly admin fees. Imagine how much money you can save in a year, especially if you have separate accounts at many banks.

There are many other things you can save on when you create a Jago Syariah account.

Becoming Rich at a Young Age, Why Not?

Building good financial management habits can be done as early as possible. If you can start at a young age, why not? That way, you can become rich when you are still young. You will have lots of savings, live free from anxiety or financial stress, and you can do more good through sadaqah and zakat by setting aside some of your wealth to help those in need.

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