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Having Many Needs and Multiple Dependents? An Easy Way to Make a Budget Plan

cara membuat budget plan otomatis dan mudah pakai fitur auto budgeting di aplikasi jago Having Many Needs and Multiple Dependents? An Easy Way to Make a Budget Plan

Do you have many needs and multiple dependents? Certainly the budgeting process will take longer than those with fewer needs. Or, since there are so many needs, you forget some of them. The budget is not allocated and then the money is not transferred. For example, you skip transferring money to your parents on payday. Indeed, making a budget plan for many needs and multiple dependents is not easy. But, it doesn't mean you can't.

How to Make a Budget Plan the Way You Want

In the Jago application, using the Auto-Budgeting feature, you can create an automatic budget plan, with a schedule that you set yourself: daily, weekly, monthly or even annually. Likewise for the amount, you can set it yourself, with a different amount for each Jago Pocket.

fitur auto budgeting di aplikasi jago memudahkan cara membuat budget plan harian mingguan bulanan otomatis

1. Automatic budgeting is suitable for the sandwich generation to manage finances more easily

Multiple dependents are closely associated with the sandwich generation. So that all your needs are met properly without missing or forgetting anything, first create Jago Pockets.

Create 1 Jago Pocket (can be either Saving Pocket or Spending Pocket) for 1 need to make it easier to manage your budget and monitor it at all times.

Use Auto-Budgeting so that the amount that you have set is automatically allocated to the selected Pocket. You can choose any number of Jago Pockets to top up from the source Pocket using Auto-Budgeting.

2. Not manually making a monthly budget plan is recommended for those who have many monthly needs

Not only for the sandwich generation who have multiple dependents, creating an automatic monthly budget plan is also very helpful for those who have to fulfill various kinds of monthly obligations. Obligations here include paying monthly bills, monthly shopping, paying the salaries of household assistants and drivers and saving for financial goals (Moneyfesting).

3. Automatic budget allocation is also suitable for business owners: easy allocation for employee salaries

A business cannot run without paying a number of expenses. Renting a building or business location, employee payroll, company operational costs are examples of needs that must always be met in order to keep the business running smoothly.

The many Jago Pockets that can be created in the Jago application make it easy for you to separate personal and business finances. Separate various business needs into their respective Jago Pockets and do Auto-Budgeting. For those who have employees, you can also start setting aside money every month to save as their THR using Auto-Budgeting.

Paying and Transferring Money is Much Easier and Hassle-Free Using the Plan Ahead Feature

rencanakan transfer dan pembayaran tagihan tepat waktu dan tanpa manual dengan plan ahead di aplikasi jago

So, what needs must you fulfill? After doing budgeting automatically, you can also set up automatic payments and transfers via the Jago application.

The way to complete payments and transfers automatically is to use the Plan Ahead feature. Monthly internet, electricity, water and TV subscription bills, transfers to parents, paying school or college fees for younger siblings, employee salary payroll, paying house installments and credit card bills, whatever your recurring and regular needs can all be completed more easily with the Plan Ahead feature.

Set the transfer or payment time the way you want and choose the automatic or semi-automatic payment option, also the way you want. Managing finances becomes easier with features that make it completely automatic.

Learn the differences between the automatic Plan Ahead feature and the manual Transfer & Pay feature here.

Ready to experience changes in managing finances with budgeting, transfers and completing payments automatically?

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