3 Secrets to Splurging Without Feeling Guilty

18 November 2021

3 Secrets to Splurging Without Feeling Guilty 3 Secrets to Splurging Without Feeling Guilty

Everyone wants to be able to spend their hard-earned money on fun stuff. But, often you feel guilty if the money is used on a splurge. Isn't that right? Actually, you can spend money on something you truly enjoy without feeling guilty.

3 Secrets to Splurging Without Feeling Guilty

What do you usually do for fun? Everyone has their own way. Some like to collect shoes. Some like to satisfy their appetite with exquisite dishes. Some prefer to travel abroad.

Like going on a diet to maintain a healthy body, you may refrain yourself from using money to maintain financial health. Actually, doing so can make you 'explode' someday.

Spending money for personal pleasure is never forbidden. But, you need to know how to splurge correctly.

1. Take care of all obligations first

Taking care of all obligations ensures that the remaining money can be used for whatever you want. What are examples of obligations? Paying all monthly bills and paying off installments. Also, make sure you have set aside some money for savings before having fun.

2. Make splurge rules

Although having fun is necessary from time to time and is an important part of living a meaningful life, you still have to make rules for splurging.

For example, never use a credit card or borrow money from anyone to finance a splurge. An indulgence should be financed by personal money, not other people's money.

Another rule that you can make is to set a splurge budget at the beginning of the month and no longer add a budget if the money has all been used up in the middle of the month. You have to wait until next month if you want to splurge again.

3. Make sure you don’t splurge because of emotions

Sometimes, when you are in a bad mood or there is a lot of pressure at work, you are easily carried away by emotions and want to give yourself pleasure. Or, if you love shopping and see that there are lots of discounts, you get carried away and splurge, just so you don't miss the discounts.

That's called splurging because of emotions. Make sure that you are pampering yourself not because of emotions or temptations. One way to be sure is to schedule when you can splurge. If the time has not come yet, you just need to be patient.

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