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4 Money Saving Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Save Money

4 Money Saving Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Save Money 4 Money Saving Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Save Money

Everyone will be happy and relieved if they have enough savings. However, the problem is that the desire to save often only lasts a short time. After a while, they just completely forget about saving money. Have you ever experienced this?

In fact, saving is very important. If you have savings, you will be more at ease in living your daily life. When you face a problem, especially a sudden or urgent one, you can use the savings. Saving is also very useful for old age after retirement.

Don't worry, Jagoans, if you often lose your enthusiasm for saving money, Jago has 4 money saving tips to help you stay motivated to save money.

Stay Motivated to Save Money with These 4 Money Saving Tips

1. Find a reason to save

Jago agrees that if saving is just for saving, no one will be motivated. So, you need to find a reason to save.

What are you saving for? How much do you need to save and how long do you need to save? It's easier to stay motivated when there is a reason.

Saving is not just for something that is a priority, such as retirement and emergency funds. You can also save to have what you've always wanted. This way, the urge to splurge will also be replaced by the motivation to save.

2. Set a budget

So that you achieve your savings goals, of course, you must build a budget. Having a personal budget will keep you motivated to save because you know exactly where your money is going and how this budget can help make your dreams come true.

So that you can set a savings budget, you need to analyze your expenses. From here, you can decide which expenses can be reduced or cut completely.

You can ask yourself, which one is more important, less important expenses or saving to achieve what you want?

To manage needs and keep track of expenses easily and practically, you can use the Jago application.

Every need can be separated into its own Pocket. You can then allocate a budget to Each Pocket that has been created. Each Pocket will also record every transaction made, both incoming and outgoing.

3. Save little by little

Suddenly seeing you have so much savings can make you excited. However, the excitement will only last a moment.

So that the motivation to save money does not fade over time, you can save little by little. This way, you can keep track and continue to see the progress of your saving efforts.

You can use the Savings Pocket in the Jago application. You can set a savings target and keep track of its progress. You can also set the money to be transferred automatically to this Savings Pocket from the Main Pocket with the Plan Ahead feature, making saving money effortless.

4. Invite others to save together

Saving with other people, whether it's family members or close friends, can keep you motivated. You can motivate each other.

To make saving more fun with other people, you can use Jago’s Shared Pocket. Just like the Savings Pocket, together you can set a savings target and see the progress over time.

You can define the respective roles of each member who joins the Shared Pocket. All members can also view the Shared Pocket’s transaction history for the sake of transparency.

If you don't have the Jago application yet and want to start saving right away, you can download the Jago application here.

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