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Can Pay PDAM, PLN and Other Bills, What's the Difference Between Plan Ahead and Transfer & Pay?

bayar tagihan pdam dan pln otomatis dan tepat jadwal pakai fitur rencanakan bank jago di aplikasi jago Can Pay PDAM, PLN and Other Bills, How Are Plan Ahead Different from Transfer & Pay?

Bills are part of life. PDAM bills and PLN bills are 2 types of bills that the majority of people need to pay every month. For other bills such as credit cards or TV subscriptions, they may only apply to some people because everyone's needs are different. Whatever the type of bill, you can quickly make payments using the Plan Ahead or Transfer & Pay feature.

The Plan Ahead Feature Ensures You Pay PDAM, PLN and Many Other Bills Automatically

Having a Bank Jago account can truly make life easier and help you manage your finances the way you want. One of them is that you can pay monthly bills automatically online via the Jago application.

Schedule bill payments for PDAM, PLN, credit cards, internet and so on. With the Plan Ahead feature, you can make a payment plan long before the due date. And, when it is due, bill payments will be made automatically according to the schedule you have set yourself. Why is the feature great for you? Apart from making on-time payments as well as not forgetting or being late in paying bills, you are also free from the hassle of making transfers every month. Just the way you want.

For the Plan Ahead feature, you can also set payment options the way you want, whether automatic or semi-automatic. If you choose semi-automatic, then on the date you will get a reminder. Only after you approve the payment will the payment be processed and the bill paid in full.

Read through the Plan Ahead Feature FAQ to find out the complete guide to making scheduled payments and recurring payments for each type of bill in the Jago application.

Transfer & Pay Feature for Those Who Like to Pay Bills Manually

Everyone's preferences are not the same. If you prefer to transfer manually every month to pay all kinds of bills can do it at Bank Jago, just the way you want.

Via the Jago application, select the Transfer & Pay feature. If this is your first time paying PDAM, PLN prepaid and postpaid bills as well as other bills via Jago, you can add a contact first. Then you can continue by entering the amount of the bill that must be paid and confirming it. For subsequent bill payments, it is easier and faster because the contacts are automatically saved.

Read the Transfer & Pay Feature FAQ for a complete guide to paying each type of bill.

Separate Budget for Bills in a Spending Pocket, the Way You Want

Don't forget, to avoid the funds for paying all the bills mixing up with the funds for other expenses, you can separate the budget using the Spending Pocket.

Create 1 new Spending Pocket and name it and give it the emoticon you want. For example, the Pocket is named Bills with an image of water or lightning. This way, it's easier when you allocate your budget to that Pocket and monitor your expenses. No need to look for which Pocket has the balance for paying bills.

pisahkan budget bayar tagihan pdam pln dan lainnya di kantong bayar aplikasi jago sesuai maumu dan kebutuhanmu

Why, if it's not named, you will have to look for the Pocket first? Because at Bank Jago you can have multiple accounts. Create a Pocket in the Jago application. How many Pockets to create? As needed. Check the details of each Pocket. The Pocket numbers must be different. The Pocket Number functions as an account number, able to receive money transfers from other banks. And, each Spending Pocket can be used to pay bills, send or transfer money, and top up e-Wallets.

Wouldn't it be jago if you can have multiple accounts in just 1 bank? Managing expenses, saving and investing can all be done the way you want and from the Jago application.

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