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Creating a Jago Account Can be from Anywhere, Anytime: Follow These Steps

cara mudah daftar atau registrasi akun bank jago dari aplikasi jago tanpa perlu ke kantor cabang Create a Jago Account from Anywhere, Anytime: Heres How

Do you already have a Jago account? If you don’t have a Jago account yet, you are missing out on the many benefits offered.

Creating a Jago account is very easy and practical. You can do it from anywhere and anytime, as long as you have a stable internet connection. You don't need to stop by a Bank Jago branch just to create a Jago account. But how? You can follow the steps below.

Creating a Jago Account Can be from Anywhere, Anytime

1. Download the Jago application

In order to be able to register for a Jago account, you first need to download the Jago application, which is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

2. Start your Jago account registration process

siapkan e ktp ketika mendaftar akun rekening bank jago dari aplikasi jago agar lancar dan berhasil

Once the Jago app is downloaded, you can open it and tap Create Jago Account to start the registration process.

You can enter an active cell phone number and email address. Jago will send you a verification code. Then, you just have to follow the next instructions.

Tips for you, also prepare your e-KTP and NPWP, so that when asked, you can directly upload them.

3. Activate your Jago account

After registration is complete, you need to activate your Jago account so that it can be used for various transactions. The activation and registration is done through 2 options.

The first option is the selfie (liveness) method. No need to go to a branch, just follow the instructions for taking a selfie, such as being in a room with sufficient lighting and having a stable internet connection.

daftar dan aktivasi akun bank jago mudah langsung dari aplikasi jago dengan selfie atau video call dengan customer service

If taking a selfie doesn't work, you can use the second option, namely video calling. Video calls can be made at any time with Bank Jago Customer Service that is available 24/7.

Don't worry, if you're wearing casual clothes because you registered from the bed or sofa, you don't need to change clothes. You don't even need to wear makeup, Jagoans. You only need to prepare your e-KTP with you.

4. Personalize your Jago account

After successful activation, you can immediately use your Jago account. Yeay! You may want to start with personalizing your Jago account.

You can upload your photo and create a Jago ID, which can be used as an alternative to your Jago account number. Jago ID is very helpful for those of you who don't want to bother memorizing account numbers.

After that, you can continue by creating various Pockets to manage different expenses. You can change the name of each Pocket as you wish, be it a Savings or a Spending Pocket. If you want your Pocket to have a picture, you can upload one

What are you waiting for? Complete the Jago account registration process, so you can immediately start sorting out your needs, save money and become superb at managing finances.

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Time to Manage Your Money
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Create up to 60 Jago Pockets (bank accounts) without monthly admin fees to start saving, transacting, and managing expenses.

Open a Term Deposit in minutes directly from the app and get competitive interest. Withdraw your Deposit early (if needed) without penalties. Plus, there is a free quota for inter-bank transfers and e-Wallet top-ups up to 150x according to Account Level.

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Grab your smartphone, click the button or scan the QR code below to download and register Jago from anywhere and anytime.

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