3 Tips for Maximizing Mutual Fund Investments with Bibit

6 December 2021

3 Tips for Maximizing Mutual Fund Investments with Bibit 3 Tips for Maximizing Mutual Fund Investments with Bibit

Jagoans, have you started saving for the future through mutual fund investment? Unlike other investment instruments, the investment risk of mutual funds is low due to investment diversification. The financial market, stocks and bonds are popular investment types for mutual funds. Mutual funds also do not require large capital. With Bibit, mutual fund investments can start from only Rp100 thousand.

Bibit also guarantees hassle-free investments. Bibit’s intelligent and scientifically-proven Robo Advisor technology will automatically suggest a mutual fund portfolio that best fits your risk profile.

When you create a Bibit account, you can even lie down on the bed. Download the Bibit application then fill in a few simple questions and your Bibit account is fully set up within minutes.

After starting to invest in mutual funds with Bibit, you can maximize your investment. Because Jago has collaborated with Bibit, Jago can share the tips.

Tips for Maximizing Mutual Investments with Bibit from Jago

1. Say ‘no’ to admin fees

Many of you may think that the admin fees charged for top-ups are just a chump change. When your mutual fund investment in Bibit works and continues giving you profits, you might consider to top it up.

If you do the top-up 5 times a month, you may have paid top-up fees of up to Rp 35 thousand. Are you sure you’re willing to pay for it? After a few months, if you accumulate all the money spent on top-up fees, you can actually use the money to invest in more Bibit mutual funds. Not to mention if it turns out that you top up more than 5 times. It is better to use the money for the next investments than to pay the top-up fees, isn’t it?

If you have a Jago account, you don't have to worry about top-up fees because it's free. No matter how many times you top up, the top-up is always free of charge.

2. Never skip investing every month

Having discipline in investing is necessary, so that your investment returns can be maximized. Unfortunately, many investors often forget to consistently invest because they are busy or have other needs.

As a preparation for the future, investing should be done regularly. The good news is, if you have a Jago account, Jago will make sure that you never skip your mutual fund investment every month.

You can use the Auto Debit feature in the Jago application. Jago will automatically transfer your money to Bibit. It’s really that simple.

3. Actively monitor the performance of your investment portfolio with Bibit

The decision to increase your mutual fund investments can be made when you understand the performance of your investment portfolio. Unfortunately, most investors think that it’s such a hassle to do it. When you invest through an application, you usually have to log in to that investment application to monitor your portfolio, and then when you want to top up right away you need to leave the application and use another application to top up.

Don’t worry! Jago can help you forget the hassle. When your Jago account is connected to Bibit, you just need to log in to the Jago application to monitor the performance of your Bibit investment portfolio. When you want to buy mutual funds, you can top up directly from the Jago application. No more switching applications.

In the Jago application, you can also see how much balance is available for investment. Or, you can see whether you can allocate funds from another Pocket to the Pocket for mutual fund investments. Budgeting is made easy because you no longer need to record and calculate manually.

Start maximizing your Bibit mutual fund investment. Now, you can register with Bibit through Jago. This way, you won’t have to switch applications. How convenient! The Jago application can be downloaded here.

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