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Kajian Jago Syariah: Should Husband and Wife be Transparent About Their Wealth?

tabungan bersama suami istri dalam mengatur keuangan keluarga lebih berkah dengan akad wadiah jago syariah Kajian Jago Syariah: Should Husband and Wife be Transparent About Their Wealth?

Already married? Managing family finances is important. But, what about transparency? Should it be a factor in managing money? Let's find out by reading this article until the end.

Why is Family Financial Management So Important?

It cannot be denied, to be able to meet family needs well, good financial management is needed. Therefore, managing family finances is one of the important keys that encourages the creation of happiness in domestic life.

According to Islamic teachings, wealth is a trust from Allah SWT. Therefore, assets must be managed well and not used carelessly. Furthermore, assets can also be managed by considering clear financial goals (reference: Republika).

With good financial management, not only can the family's daily living needs be met, but it can also ensure that the family has savings that can meet financial goals in the near and long term.

Building family emergency funds, for example, can help husband and wife gain peace of mind. Your child is sick and needs immediate medical attention? Immediately use the emergency funds in your savings.

Should Husband and Wife be Transparent When It Comes to Money?

Regarding husband's savings and wife's savings, the following is a complete explanation from Ustadz Hanan Attaki in Kajian Jago Syariah.

According to Ustadz Hanan Attaki, there are 2 standards that can be used as guidelines. The first is sharia standards. The second is moral standards.

In Islamic law, the husband's wealth or money is actually the husband's right and the wife's wealth or money is the wife's right. But don't forget the obligations contained in these rights. For example, the obligation in question is that the husband has the obligation to support his wife. Meanwhile, the wife has the obligation to manage the money given to her husband in trust.

However, morally, married life is a life filled with love, filled with affection. This is where husband and wife must help each other in kindness.

The husband can give more rights than the wife's rights so that the wife is happy. Likewise, wives can help their husbands by giving from their wealth. Legally, there is no obligation to be transparent about husband and wife's savings.

Even so, from the perspective of love, which is the basic foundation for building a strong household, communication between husband and wife that is always maintained for the sake of transparency to avoid having secrets is the main key. Husband and wife can know each other's budget or money to foster a sense of care for each other.

Jago Syariah Shared Pocket Can Be Used as a Joint Account for Husband and Wife: How to Make Household Financial Management Transparent

buka kantong bersama sebagai tabungan bersama suami istri tanpa biaya admin di aplikasi jago

Alhamdulillah, it turns out that transparency in husband and wife's savings does not violate Islamic law. In fact, managing money together can be a good thing and will be liked by Allah if it is accompanied by good intentions.

To make it easier to manage household finances, husband and wife can create a joint savings or account. A practical solution as an alternative to a joint account at Jago Syariah comes in the form of a Shared Pocket.

There are 2 types of Shared Pockets to choose from, namely Shared Saving Pocket and Shared Spending Pocket. You and your partner can have Shared Pockets with Wadiah Yad Dhamanah akad without interest and free monthly administration fees. InsyaAllah, managing family finances will be more blissful and you can always be in advance in building a sakinah family according to sharia.

How to create a Shared Pocket as a joint account between husband and wife at Jago Syariah

The steps to create a Shared Pocket are very simple.

1. Create a Shared Pocket via the Jago application

The process of creating a Shared Pocket is fast, easy and practical only through the Jago application. Make sure you and your partner both have Jago Syariah accounts.

2. Invite your partner to join the Pocket

You or your partner should create a Saving Pocket or Spending Pocket first. Next, the Pocket owner can invite the partner to join and the Pocket will immediately turn into a Shared Pocket.

3. Start moving money to the Shared Pocket to manage family or household finances transparently

The Shared Pocket will appear in the Jago application of every member who has joined, in this case in your and your partner’s Jago application. Next is easy.

To manage household finances with your partner, both of you just need to move the money or budget that has been agreed upon into a Shared Pocket from another Pocket that is the source of funds. Every member of the Shared Pocket can see incoming and outgoing transactions, so transparency is always maintained.

Alhamdulillah your family can always be in advance in managing finances transparently and according to sharia with Jago Syariah.

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