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Unexpected Big Expenses When You Have a Child for the First Time

Pengeluaran Besar Tak Disangka Ketika Pertama Kali Punya Anak Unexpected Big Expenses When You Have a Child for the First Time

Parents must be happy to welcome the birth of their first child. However, there are unexpected expenses that turn out to be quite large. What is the list of baby needs that need to be prepared? Then how do you prepare the money so that all the baby's needs can be met properly?

List of Baby Needs, Important to Prepare

1. Immunization or vaccination for the baby

A strong immune system is needed for the baby to live a healthy life. A number of vaccines are important to give to children including hepatitis B, polio, BCG, DPT, HiB and measles. You can bring your baby to the puskesmas using a BPJS card to avail of free vaccinations.

However, keep in mind that not every time the vaccine costs are covered by BPJS. For the measles vaccine, for example, BPJS will only cover it once. Furthermore, a booster dose is needed after the child reaches a certain age.

It's different if you choose to vaccinate your baby at the hospital. Apart from being more expensive, you also need to prepare a consultation fee with a doctor. Usually there is also a hospital administration fee.

Not only when they are babies, children also need to be vaccinated as needed once they reach the age of toddlers and teenagers. The cost of the vaccine varies, starting from hundreds of thousands. In total, the cost of vaccines can reach millions of rupiah.

2. Milk and baby food

Apart from vaccinations, no less important expenses which are also quite costly are milk and baby food. If it is not possible for the mother to breastfeed, then it is necessary to spend money to buy formula milk. Apart from milk, once your baby turns 6 months old, you can also start giving them baby food.

It should also be noted whether there are allergies that may arise in your baby when consuming formula milk and food. If there is an allergic reaction, then you need to find an alternative. The total price of milk and baby food can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of rupiah every month.

3. Diapers and baby clothes

Newborn babies need a lot of diapers a day, usually between 5 and 8 diapers. For clothes, it is also necessary to pay attention to the comfort factor and the size of the baby. Because babies generally grow quickly, you should also consider buying baby clothes for 1 to 2 sizes above their current size.

Just like the price of milk and food, the cost of diapers and baby clothes also varies depending on the needs and brand chosen.

Apart from the three high-cost expenses above, there are several other expenses that should also be included in the budget to buy a list of baby needs, such as control for the mother after giving birth, the need for strollers and high chairs, etc.

Set Budgets for Baby Needs with the Jago Pocket

Considering that there are many baby needs and the costs are not small, it would be nice to a separate account for various baby needs. Thus, the funds to meet the baby's needs are not mixed with other expenses, such as electricity bills, internet bills, shopping for daily needs, and many more.

To manage budgets and money in a practical and hassle-free way, you can use the Jago Pocket. You can separate your baby's many needs by creating several Pockets, both the Saving Pockets and Spending Pockets.

Not only baby needs, you can make lots of other Pockets for other expenses to pay bills and some of what has been discussed above.

Many Jago Pockets = Many Bank Accounts with No Monthly Admin Fees

That's right, you can create lots of Pockets, up to 60. Each Pocket has its own account number. If you create 40 Pockets, it's the same as having 40 Bank Jago accounts. Everything can be monitored through the Jago application.

Even better, even if you have many bank accounts, you don't have to pay any monthly admin fees at all. The money that you usually spend to pay bank admin fees can be used to buy baby needs.

What can you do with the Jago Pockets?

1. Rename your Pocket according to its purpose

Before putting money into the Pocket that has been created, you can first personalize the Pocket. For example, you want to set aside a budget to buy diapers and baby clothes. Create a Spending Pocket and then change the name of the Pocket to "Diapers & Clothing". To make it even more fun, you can add a photo of your baby to the Pocket or simply provide the right emoji.

2. Lock your Saving Pocket

For the Saving Pocket, you can lock your Pocket, especially if you want to protect your money from improper use.

By locking it, the Saving Pocket will turn into a Locked Pocket. The Locked Pocket, for example, is perfect for baby's vaccination needs. You can lock your Pocket from as short as 14 days and start at only Rp100,000. Even though the Pocket is locked, you can still add money at any time.

Even better, the Locked Pocket pays you competitive interest. You will get interest as well as the money you save together when it is due.

3. Link your Spending Pocket to Jago Visa Debit Card or QRIS Jago

If you create Spending Pockets for various baby needs, you can choose practical payments with Jago Visa Debit Card or QRIS Jago, depending on the payment methods available at the store where you buy baby needs.

1 Jago Visa Debit Card, physical or digital, can be linked to 1 Spending Pocket. Meanwhile, QRIS Jago can be linked to any Spending Pocket.

Linking a Spending Pocket to the Jago Visa Debit Card or QRIS Jago also helps you monitor your expenses more easily. All transaction history is recorded in the linked Spending Pocket.

Let's start preparing the budgets and saving for all your baby's needs so you won't be surprised later.

*Interest rate can change at any time according to bank policy

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