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Kajian Jago Syariah: Can Emergency Funds be Used for Mudik?

dana darurat hanya boleh dipakai dalam keadaan genting sehingga budget persiapan mudik harus disiapkan sendiri Kajian Jago Syariah: Can Emergency Funds be Used for Mudik?

Emergency fund savings are used for mudik. Do you think it's okay? Continue reading to find out the answer and the right place to save your emergency funds.

Are Emergency Funds and Savings the Same?

Emergency funds and savings have different functions or purposes, even though they are actually both savings. As the name suggests, emergency funds or emergency savings should only be used in emergency situations (reference: OJK). Urgent circumstances or unexpected events may also use emergency funds.

Examples of emergencies are accidents or illnesses that require medical expenses, loss of a job that is the main source of income, and damage to a house as a result of a tree falling due to strong winds. Something that happens suddenly and is beyond prediction and requires urgent handling can be categorized as an emergency.

Did you know that emergency fund schemes in Islam have actually been around since the time of the Prophet? Read the complete explanation and listen to Ustadz Hanan Attaki's explanation in this article.

Meanwhile, savings (which are not emergency funds) exist because there are financial goals to be achieved, both in the short and long term.

What If Emergency Funds are Used for Mudik?

Based on the explanation above, do you think it is permissible to use emergency funds for mudik? It's best not to. Because mudik is not an emergency but rather a financial goal.

Therefore, so that all preparations and needs related to mudik can be fulfilled properly without having to dip into emergency funds, you can save and separate the funds in different savings. The mudik budget prepared includes costs that may arise during the trip, such as petrol costs and meals at restaurants.

Where to Ideally Save Emergency Funds?

Ideally, emergency funds are saved in a place that helps you resist the temptation to use them, such as using them for mudik. But at the same time, the place to save these emergency funds should be flexible so that if you need them, you can use them at any time.

The Sharia Deposit in the Jago application is the solution for saving emergency funds that you are looking for. You can choose the saving period according to your need. However, you can also withdraw the funds at any time without penalty.

simpan dana darurat di deposito syariah agar bisa dicairkan kapan saja tanpa penalti

By saving emergency funds in the Sharia Deposit, you will also get profit sharing because this product uses Mudharabah Muthlaqah akad according to sharia. If it is withdrawn prematurely to deal with an urgent or emergency situation, the amount of the profit sharing you receive will adjust according to the length of time the funds are saved until they are withdrawn.

Budget Preparation for Mudik Needs in the Jago Syariah Pocket with Wadiah Akad

If emergency funds are ideally saved in the Sharia Deposit, for financial goals such as mudik and celebrating Eid, you can separate the budget using the Jago Syariah Pocket.

1. You can create lots of Jago Syariah Pockets in the Jago application

To avoid using emergency funds that are specifically built to deal with emergencies, you can save funds for your mudik needs in the Jago Syariah Pocket.

You can also separate your mudik budget from your Eid celebration budget, THR, buying hampers and other needs. The way to do this is by creating several Pockets according to your needs in the Jago application.

The Jago Syariah Payment Pocket and Savings Pocket use the Wadiah Yad Dhamanah akad without interest in accordance with sharia principles.

2. Wadiah bank account without admin fees with Jago Syariah

Creating multiple Pockets is the same as opening multiple accounts. Each Spending Pocket and Saving Pocket that you create has its own account number.

Transactions can be made from any Spending Pocket. Meanwhile, if you have accumulated savings according to your target in the Saving Pocket, you can turn it into a Spending Pocket later to make payments.

Open an account at Jago Syariah, regardless of the amount, all without monthly administration fees. So apart from being more blissful and having peace of mind because you can manage your money according to sharia, you can reduce expenses for paying admin fees.

3. Separate savings budget automatically

So that you don't forget, for those of you who are still saving funds for mudik, take advantage of the automatic saving feature available in the Saving Pocket. Using this feature, you can make sure that savings will automatically be collected from the funding source you choose according to the schedule you set.

Always be ahead in preparing your savings or budget for mudik so you don't dip into your emergency funds, plus you can comply with sharia with Jago Syariah.

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