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5 Ways to Manage Salary and Make Your Money Last until the Next Payday

Gajian Masih Lama, Tapi Uang Sudah Mau Habis? Ini 5 Cara Mengatur Gaji Buat Kamu Ikuti 5 Ways to Manage Salary and Make Your Money Last until the Next Payday

Do you often can't wait for next month's paycheck? Is it because you’re running out of money? But, how come you only have little money left? You may not have implemented the 5 ways to manage salary, which will be discussed in this article.

5 Ways to Manage Salary Until the Next Payday

1. Find out where your money goes

So, what makes your money disappear without you realizing it? Is this because you always give in to the temptation to buy a lot of snacks? To know where your money goes, you need to keep track of your expenses.

You can just record expenses manually. However, the manual one is often impractical. Expenses in a day can vary. You may forget to record some expenses.

So that you don't have to take notes manually, you can start using the Jago application. No matter how small the money you spend or the transaction you make, it will be recorded neatly and in detail in the Jago application.

2. Set priorities and reduce unnecessary expenses

Once you know how money has been used all this time, you can start setting priorities. Monthly bills such as electricity, water and internet should certainly be a priority. Likewise for daily food and any installments.

You can also start reducing unnecessary expenses. At first you may not be used to it, but slowly it will become a habit. For example, if you always buy coffee from a cafe, you can start making your own coffee at home.

The money collected from reducing unnecessary expenses can be saved. If you have savings, life will be more at ease. Savings can also help you during an emergency or urgent situation.

3. Separate your various needs

So you don't get confused, you can separate every need. With the Jago application, you can create lots of Pockets. 1 Pocket for 1 need. 1 Pocket means 1 bank account.

cara mengatur gaji bulanan bisa dimulai dengan budgeting teratur pakai banyak rekening di kantong jago

Daily food can have its own Pocket. Likewise transportation and installment payments, for example.

4. Make a budget

For easier control and tracking, after separating the needs, you can make a budget for each Pocket. When you have a clear budget, all you gotta do is stick to it.

If you've made a budget for all your important needs and it turns out you still have extra money, then you can use it however you want.

5. Look for additional income

With additional income, you will be more free from worry in living life.

Additional income can be obtained from investments such as mutual fund investment and interest from you saving money in a Locked Pocket or Jago Term Deposit.

You can enjoy competitive interest rates offered by the Locked Pocket and Jago DepositThe Jago application does offer flexibility that makes you feel comfortable.

You can immediately start managing your salary and breathe a sigh of relief. No need to wait for next month's paycheck anymore.

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