Blog Post --- Published on June 24, 2022 | Last Updated on June 24, 2022

Tend to Spend All Your Salary? Find Out How Bastian Manages His Monthly Salary

Managing Monthly Salary a la Bastian So You Don’t Spend It All Managing Monthly Salary a la Bastian So You Don’t Spend It All

Do you tend to spend all your salary on buying item A, B, C and so on? Regret usually comes later. Do you want it to change? Let's find out how Bastian successfully manages his monthly salary now.

How Bastian Manages Monthly Salary

Now Bastian is able to manage his monthly salary successfully. But before, Bastian often spent all his salary. No kidding. Everything he wanted to buy he bought them right away. His collections include sneakers, streetwear and the most trendy sport watches. That's only part of it. Because he bought various things, Bastian forgot to transfer money to his mother.

If Bastian forgot to send money to his mother, what about you? What usually happens when you spend all your money to shop? Is it the same as Bastian forgetting to transfer to his parents? Or you miss doing other things that are no less important, such as paying monthly bills? And oops there are many bills to pay, such as electricity, internet, water bills. As soon as you remember you haven't paid your bills, you immediately panic and have a headache.

After being scolded by his mother for forgetting to send money, Bastian immediately looked for the best way to manage monthly salary. Here’s when Bastian found out about the Jago Pocket in the Jago application. Managing salary using the Jago Pocket feature is easy and practical. When payday arrives, Bastian simply moves money to the Pockets that have been created.

Previously, Bastian had created a number of Pockets as needed. The first Pocket that Bastian created was a Spending Pocket that he named Transfer to Mom. Bastian also created several other Spending Pockets for bill payments, grocery shopping and of course self-reward.

Learning from experience when he spent all his salary, Bastian didn’t have any savings at all. Since managing finances becomes easy with the Jago Pocket, Bastian didn't forget to also create Saving Pockets

An emergency savings is a must have. Bastian also wants to start saving for life after retirement. So, Bastian created 2 Savings Pockets at once. Bastian has also determined what portion of the paycheck to set aside for savings. On payday, the money is immediately transferred to the Saving Pockets according to the portion.

By continuing to use the Jago Pocket, Bastian is one step better at managing his monthly salary. Want to be like Bastian? Immediately take advantage of the Jago Pocket. Don't have the Jago application yet? You can download the Jago application here.

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