Looking for a Place to Save Money? Get to Know Locked Pocket and Its Many Benefits

5 October 2021

Looking for a Place to Save Money? Get to Know Locked Pocket that Has Many Benefits Looking for a Place to Save Money? Get to Know Locked Pocket that Has Many Benefits

Saving is very important not only for the future, but also for you to be prepared to deal with various situations, including emergency situations. There are many places for you to save money. However, not all of them have as many benefits as Locked Pocket. Read on to find out.

Jago’s Locked Pocket and Its Many Benefits

If you have downloaded the Jago application and created a Jago account, you will immediately see a feature called Pocket in the application. All your money is saved in the Pocket. To separate money for various needs, you can make a lot of Pockets. It’s easy and super practical.

For saving needs, you can create a Locked Pocket. As the name suggests, a Locked Pocket will lock your money for a certain period. Apart from being a place to save money, a Locked Pocket offers many benefits. What are they?

1. Locked Pocket helps you get used to being disciplined in saving money

To be good at something requires discipline or consistency. Locked Pocket can help you train yourself to be disciplined in saving money from a young age or whenever you start having a Jago account. The more money you save, the more secure your future will be.

2. Locked Pocket protects you from splurging

Locked Pocket is a safe place to save money because it can protect you from splurging. Once you choose to lock a Pocket, the Locked Pocket will be unlocked on the date you specified. Splurging will reduce. You won’t give in that easily to the temptation to use money because of temporary emotions or urges.

3. Locked Pocket helps you in an emergency

The locking period of Locked Pocket is flexible, from as short as 14 days. So, if at any time you need funds for an emergency, you can use the savings in the Locked Pocket. If you lose your job, Locked Pocket can help pay your daily meals and monthly bills. If you or a family member gets sick, Locked Pocket can help with medical expenses.

4. Locked Pocket frees you from guilt when you want to have fun

Having fun or pampering yourself is different from being extravagant. Having fun is good for personal well-being. If you have set aside money to save in a Locked Pocket, you will not feel guilty about using money to have fun. Both saving money and having fun can happen at the same time.

5. Locked Pocket protects you from unnecessary stress

Life is beautiful when it is far from stress. The causes of stress are varied. But, if one of the causes can be eliminated, why not? If you are disciplined in saving money, you will no longer feel stress that is caused by not having money.

6. Locked Pocket gives you a commensurate reward

Saving is not something that is easy to do. Therefore, Locked Pocket will give you a commensurate reward if you are disciplined in saving money, an interest up to 4% p.a!

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of Locked Pocket right away. For those who don’t have the Jago application yet, you can download it here.

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